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Skoda Citigo-e will be unveiled on Thursday 23rd May with significantly more range than Volkswagen e-Up
Mark Tisshaw
2 mins read
6 March 2018

Skoda’s first electric production car, the Citigo-e, will be revealed next week ahead of sales commencing later this year. 

The brand released a teaser image of the car on Twitter, confirming that it "will make its grand entrance on 23 May in Bratislava".  The image shows the design will remain largely identical to the standard Citigo, aside from EV-specific revisions.

Speaking to Autocar at the Geneva motor show, Skoda technical development boss Christian Strube said that the Citigo-e would launch at the end of 2019, with a range of 300km (186 miles). It will be a sister car to the upcoming Seat e-Mii and the Volkswagen e-Up, but with a much greater range than the latter.

Strube also confirmed a plug-in hybrid version of the Skoda Superb would launch next year as the firm's first such vehicle. This will have an electric-only range of 70km (43 miles).

Following the pair will be what Strube describes as Skoda’s “main” EV, a dedicated electric model built on Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, likely an SUV.

The models are part of the 10 electrified models planned by Skoda before 2025, six of which will be full electric cars and four of which will be plug-ins.

The models are all part of the wider Volkswagen Group’s plans for electric cars and closely match similar numbers of electrified models planned from sister brands Volkswagen and Seat.

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The Apprentice 17 May 2019

The Superb PHEV having an

The Superb PHEV having an (official) EV range of 43 miles is a good move, for 2020 when PHEV company car is based on range bands too, 43 puts it in the 8% BIK band whilst most PHEVs are 30 to 39 miles so stay in the 12% BIK band. I nice little extra 4% saving for just about a 5 miles more EV ability..

I wonder if we will ever see a manufacturer crack the 70 mile EV range and get a PHEV into the 5% BIK band (like they all were a few years ago anyway) or not bother and just concentrate on pure EV's.

kboothby 17 May 2019

More VAG vapourware


gavsmit 17 May 2019


I'm looking forward to hearing some confirmed stats on this car as it could tempt me into taking the plunge into electric motoring, as long as the range, price and performance are all acceptable for what i want in a car. 

I also thought the launch of this car would happen around the same time as the updated VW e-Up? So there's still a chance VW will give the best range to the Up out of the three (Citigo, Seat Mii, Up) cars, in the same way they only let the Up get the TSi engines.