Currently reading: Skoda VisionC concept previews Octavia 'CC'
Sleek new five-door 'coupé' concept set for Geneva reveal; based on MQB platform and shows more dramatic models are under consideration

This sketch is a preview of the Skoda VisionC concept that will be revealed at the Geneva motor show in early March.

Based on the same MQB platform and wheelbase as the Skoda Octavia hatchback, the new "five-door coupé" will echo the styling of the Volkswagen CC, with lower roofline, shallower side windows and more steeply raked windscreen. Unlike the VW, the new car will have a hatchback, rather than a conventional boot.

The new model is intended to provide Skoda with a much-needed glamour boost in a range that is currently dominated by well-regarded but thoroughly practical models.

Officially, Skoda says that the ‘VisionC’ design study also indicates the next step in the "development of the Skoda design language", but the firm is know to have a more rakish version of the Octavia in its product plan. 

Skoda is also likely to use this model to re-boot its high-performance vRS brand. Autocar understands that it will not be used on the next-generation Skoda Fabia supermini and the Czech carmaker will make use of the sub-brand on this new Skoda Octavia family model.

In 2011 Skoda showed its performance potential when it set a world record with a heavily modified 600bhp Octavia, hitting 227mph, securing it the title of the world’s fastest 2.0-litre forced-induction production car at the Bonneville salt flats.

The company has yet to exploit this achievement in a production car, but its rival VW Group brands are expected to show 300bhp, four-cylinder models in the near future.

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erly5 7 February 2014

Let's face it....'s going to look nothing like this. Would not sit well alongside the awkward, ill-proportioned Superb, the cheap 'global' look of the Rapid or the dull new Octavia.
LPC 5 February 2014

Maybe we should all reserve

Maybe we should all reserve judgement until we see the production version
RSkoda 5 February 2014

Skoda present a gorgeous

Skoda present a gorgeous looking concept and still the negativity..

LPC I believe is correct, this or something close to it will be produced but it won't be called an Octavia Coupe...

3mocion 5 February 2014

That's the point, it isn't

That's the point, it isn't gorgeous to me at all. Too aggressively styled rather than designed and it could be almost any brand but it's not a Skoda. Style is subconscious and effortless. One look at this and you could tell they tried too hard and imo they failed massively. It's not personal, people just don't like it, or just don't get the concept, or are confused by what they see in terms of their brand perception. Skoda need to take note, step back and re-evaluate their design strategy. If i worked at Skoda, i would go for evolution and effortless and timelessness with maybe a few twists. This is just like unexpectedly being hit on the back of head with a bat and then not seeing who did it or how they did it.