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Mansory unveils new customisation programmes and a special Veyron, while Qoros launches its eBIQE electric bicycle concept

Mansory, a German tuning and customisation company, has unveiled a new personalisation programme for the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Myriad cosmetic options are offered, as well as a power upgrade from 611bhp to 730bhp.

A "strictly limited" Mansory special-edition Bugatti Veyron, called the Vivere, is also on display at the Geneva motor show. Mansory's changes are cosmetic, primarily revolving around a redesigned front end, new alloy wheels, upgrades to the interior lighting and quilted leather seats.

Fledgling car brand Qoros has revealed an electric bicycle concept in Geneva. The Qorso eBIQE can be pedalled with assistance from the electric motor or by its motors alone at up to 40mph. It can reach 15.5mph in two seconds and a full charge takes 80 minutes. The eBIQE also employs an always-on 3G connection feeding a five-inch touchscreen to display navigation, diagnostic and social media functions.

AC Schnitzer has prepared a modified BMW X5 to showcase its latest tuning parts at the Geneva show. The German tuner has a range of six power upgrades for the SUV, including a package that boosts the M50d's power from 376bhp to 430bhp and the xDrive50i from 402bhp to 525bhp. A number of chassis and cosmetic upgrades are also available.

Lancia will launch a new Ypsilon derivative and a show car concept in Geneva. The Ypsilon Elefantino ’14 boasts a range of new production paint colours and customisation options, while the Elle show car is testing reaction to a number of new colours and trims.

Swiss tuner FAB Design is set to unveil its own ‘upgraded’ McLaren P1 at the Geneva motor show, to go alongside the company's modified Lamborghini Aventador. The tuner claims its McLaren P1 will provide “additional dynamics for the perfect driving pleasure machine”. The hypercar has been adorned with an extra rear spoiler sitting atop the active rear wing, extra flaps on the side skirts and custom air deflection ducts for the rear wheel arches. 

The Bentley Flying Spur has been given the Mansory treatment for the Geneva motor show. The German tuner has turned the wick up on the 6.0-litre W12 motor. It now fires out 888bhp and 811 lb ft of torque. Zero to 62mph is covered in 3.6sec and the car's maximum speed is 211mph.

New details have emerged on the 2015 Ford Mustang convertible. The roof is an automatic folding soft top, featuring a single-latch design that replaces the two previous latches, while a multilayer insulated cloth gives it a quieter cabin. The new folding top is said to lower completely in 10 seconds – twice as fast as before.

Hyundai has released a teaser image of its next-generation range-topping Sonata saloon. The Korean carmaker says the new Sonata will be more refined than its i40. The car is expected to land in showrooms in the second half of this year.

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Seat has revealed the Mii by MANGO at Geneva. The new trim level will sit at the top of the city car's range when it goes on sale, and will be available in three and five-door form. Pricing is yet to be released, but order books open in May, with first deliveries in August.

Land Rover has launched two special editions of the Defender XS at the Geneva motor show. The Black Pack boasts a 'Santorini' finish, privacy glass and an ebony 'Alston' headliner. The Silver Pack features 'Indus' bright silver paint, with ‘Dual-finish’ alloy wheels and a bright light pack incorporating white tail and indicator lights.

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Frightmare Bob 3 March 2014

Mansory seem determined to

Mansory seem determined to appeal to the more money, less taste brigade. A wise move methinks, at least for Mansory's balance sheet! Looking at the Roller, I'm reminded of what someone said of a Cadilac Eldorado: "As flash as a rat with a gold tooth."
bomb 3 March 2014


Given that Rolls-Royce would probably build you whatever you wanted if you produced the reddies why on earth would go think "no" and take your £300k car to taste-desert Mansory for them to rip it apart? Are there enough people who just want to be different at any cost?
Leslie Brook 3 March 2014

bomb wrote: Are there enough

bomb wrote:

Are there enough people who just want to be different at any cost?

Given the worryingly high number of Project KAHN Range Rovers on the road, I'd say yes.