Currently reading: New Aston Martin V12 Speedster begins final test programme
Just 88 models will be forged by British firm's 'Q by Aston Martin' bespoke arm, each costing £765,000
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7 October 2020

The new V12 Speedster is an “uncompromising, visceral two-seater” from Aston Martin, which has made its dynamic debut in prototype form ahead of its on-road testing programme getting underway.

Limited to 88 examples and with deliveries due in early 2021, the roofless, windscreen-less Speedster is priced at £765,000, and was taken by the Q by Aston Martin bespoke division from conception to production in just 12 months. 

Using a bonded aluminium architecture, it’s built on a mixture of DBS Superleggera and Vantage underpinnings to create a bespoke platform. The bodywork, described by Aston Martin as “inspired by fighter jets as much as it is by our history”, is constructed almost entirely from carbonfibre and shown first in a livery reflecting the F-18 Hornet aircraft.

Its 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 puts out an estimated 690bhp and 555lb ft, giving it a 0-62mph time of 3.5sec and a governed top speed of 186mph. Aston has also created a bespoke exhaust system to give a “rousing” soundtrack.

Like its relatives, the Speedster features double wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension with adaptive dampers controllable by three drive modes. 21in forged centre lock wheels are standard, as are carbon ceramic brakes. 

The interior mixes a blend of traditional and contemporary materials. Carbon fibre melds with hand-finished Saddle leather, alongside chrome, aluminium and 3D-printed rubber. Replacing the usual glovebox is a removable leather bag, while the rear 'bumps' behind the driver also hide additional storage space underneath. 

Chief engineer Matt Becker said: “For raw driving thrills, the V12 Speedster is unparalleled, the full open element of the car adding a new dimension to the experience. Driving doesn’t get any purer than this.”


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4 March 2020

Aston saved thousands on the development costs on this car by omitting windscreen & wipers!!!!!

4 March 2020
It's a very expensive version of the Vantage in the increasingly flooded £1 million sector.

And even more of a disjointed mess that is typical of Marek Reichman's designs.

4 March 2020
Seriously - do you actually like cars, and it is nowhere near a £1m, if it is that bad why is it that every special edition car they bdesigne is over subscribed by thousands of offers, surely this proves the cars are better than what you consider to be good.

Would be nice to know what you drive and what you consider to be a good designed car.

4 March 2020
That thing is effing FABULOUS!!!

4 March 2020

It's very sad to see this contrived and fussily styled model after the simple relaxed confidence of the Vantage. 

It's obviously designed to be eye-catching, but the more one looks at it the more unconvincing its details are. The whole front end, from the bonnet to the grille, is an uncordinated mess.

4 March 2020

 Aren't cars like this getting ugly?, rear ends with huge diffusers, weird lighting systems, is this what pretty cars look like now?

4 March 2020

Aston Martin Elva.

4 March 2020
Now there’s a name I’d forgotten. Must be getting old.

4 March 2020
bomb wrote:

Aston Martin Elva.

I'm guessing you are referring to the McLaren. Sad to say but by comparison the McLaren is leagues ahead in design. Who would have thought you would have said that between McLaren and Aston?

Going further, the Ferrari Monza is just stunningly beautiful too.

It is not the speedster format that is the problem (as some have suggested in other reviews) but the overall mess of a design. Ferrari are now doing better looking Astons than Aston Martin!

Ferrari have managed to sell their 500 models already of a car many times the price of the Aston. With a better designer Aston could do too.

5 March 2020
Symanski..... what a load of BS. You talk with an authority that suggests you must work in the industry. I guess something must have sting you bad!


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