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A hotter Fiesta than today’s ST model is in the pipeline, and Ford refuses to deny that it will be an RS version from its new Ford Performance division

A new Ford Fiesta RS could be brought to market as the Blue Oval plans an even hotter version of the current Fiesta ST.

Ford is putting a renewed focus on performance models following the launch of its new Ford Performance arm, which brings together previous divisions such as RS and Ford Racing under one roof. Ford Performance has pledged to launch 12 models by 2020, including a new Focus RS and the GT supercar, plus versions of the Mustang and F150.

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The identity of the other eight models remains under wraps but, speaking to Autocar, Ford Performance manager Tyrone Johnson said that work was under way on a new, higher-performance version of the Fiesta that could theoretically be a Ford Performance product.

Johnson wouldn’t say whether the new Fiesta model would be badged as a faster or replacement version of the ST, or as an RS. However, he confirmed that the performance version would be based on the current chassis, meaning that it would be launched at some point within the next two and a half years.

“There’s more to come from the current Fiesta,” he said, adding that the decision had been made after the global success of the standard Fiesta ST, which was launched in 2013.

Johnson also explained the rationale behind what made a model an ST or RS, something significant in identifying whether it is a ‘true’ Ford Performance product.

ST models are considered ‘enhanced’ versions of existing models, whereas RS cars come in the ‘high-performance bracket’, meaning that they must outperform lesser models in the standard range by a certain amount in a number of objectifiable areas.

When asked whether Ford would consider making a ‘high-performance’ Fiesta (in other words, an RS), Tyrone said: “If there’s a business case and if it’s technically feasible.” When pressed on whether he thought these criteria could be met, he said: “Theoretically, yes.”

Johnson wouldn’t be drawn on confirming any details of the new Focus RS, which is set for production and a launch at the Geneva motor show in March.However, he did confirm plans to launch a Powershift dual-clutch automatic version of the new Focus ST diesel model by the end of the year.

“It’s something we’re looking at closely, and it wouldn’t be an issue to fit Powershift [to that engine],” he said. Such a car would rival dual-clutch versions of the Volkswagen Golf GTD and Skoda Octavia vRS.

However, fitting the 
dual-clutch gearbox to the petrol ST is much more of a challenge, Johnson revealed. It’s “not impossible, but we’d need to be sure there’s a business case”, he said.


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AndyRAC 29 January 2015

We already know what a Fiesta

We already know what a Fiesta RS will look like - it already exists, well the WRC version does. Surely, they will want it to look the same?
Alexanda 29 January 2015

Release the Puma

I saw an old Puma the other day and it got me thinking. Now Ford have made a good handling Fiesta, why not create a new Puma. And to Peter C how many more 1 series/M3's do you see than M5's?
Peter Cavellini 29 January 2015

Alexanda wrote:I saw an old

Alexanda wrote:

I saw an old Puma the other day and it got me thinking. Now Ford have made a good handling Fiesta, why not create a new Puma. And to Peter C how many more 1 series/M3's do you see than M5's?

M5's for good dry Days,M3's?, i see one nearly every day,followed an Ink Blue example this Morning,getting quite common and cheaper to buy,not to run or insure of course,but,hey ho!,back to the contention,why no high performance Mondeo...../

KenF 29 January 2015

and while your at it, give us

and while your at it, give us a 5 door ST