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New flagship V12 produces 40bhp more and can accelerate from 0-62mph in 2.9sec; it gets new four-wheel steering tech
Sam Sheehan
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7 March 2017

The 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S has made its public debut at the Geneva motor show as a more potent and agile flagship that’ll arrive in Britain next spring.

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster launched


With a new, more aggressive front bumper that’s been designed to work the air harder, the 2017 car produces 130% more downforce on its nose.

At the back a rear wing that can be moved into three positions increases downforce by up to 50%, while reducing drag by 400% in its slipperiest setting.

Engine and gearbox

The car’s 6.5-litre V12 supercar now produces 730bhp, 40bhp more than before, and 509lb ft of torque, and can accelerate from 0-62mph in 2.9sec. Top speed is 217mph.

To achieve these gains Lamborghini has adjusted the naturally aspirated engine’s variable valve timing and intake system, while raising maximum engine revs from 8350rpm to 8500rpm.

The engine drives all four wheels via Lamborghini’s Independent Shifting Rod seven-speed gearbox, and breathes through a new exhaust that’s 20% lighter than before.

The car weighs 1575kg – the same as the outgoing model – but improves its power-to-weight ratio to 463bhp/ton, an increase of 25bhp.


It’s built around the same carbonfibre monocoque as before, but makes use of new four-wheel steering – the first time a series production Lamborghini has used such a system.

The system is said to improve agility and high-speed stability, while also improving low speed manoeuvrability.

Updated pushrod and Magneto-rheological suspension settings offer quicker response rates, and the car’s real-time variable damping system and rear springs have been adjusted for the rear-wheel steering.


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Additionally, the car’s electronic stability control system features updated software that’s claimed to react faster, and Lamborghini has retuned the car’s all-wheel drive system to enable up to 90% of the engine’s torque to be send rearwards.

The results, it says, makes for a more agile car that allows for more oversteer if the driver so wants it.


Added the existing three driving modes – Strada (Street), Sport and Corsa (race) – is a new Ego setting. This customisable mode enables drivers to individually tweak the car’s drivetrain and suspension settings.

The cabin also gains a new TFT touchscreen with Apple Carplay included as standard.

“This is the next generation Aventador as well as the expression of new technological and performance milestones in super sports car development,” said Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali. “The Aventador S is visionary design, cutting-edge technology and driving dynamics in pure harmony, and elevates the concept of super sports cars to a new level.”

Price and on-sale date

The new Aventador S replaces the Aventador and its starting price is £271,146, which is £11,106 more than the outgoing car. First UK deliveries are expected in April 2017.

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19 December 2016
This puppy looks more like a Countach with each iteration and while it will look fabulous on a contemporary bedroom-wall it will be as dangerously difficult to see out of, or navigate down a B-road or just park, as its decades-old predecessor. Expect gold-leaf or chrome exteriors as a standard option.

19 December 2016
James Dene wrote:

This puppy looks more like a Countach with each iteration and while it will look fabulous on a contemporary bedroom-wall it will be as dangerously difficult to see out of, or navigate down a B-road or just park, as its decades-old predecessor. Expect gold-leaf or chrome exteriors as a standard option.

Damn, it does look nice!!

19 December 2016
Agreed. Manufacturers' infantile chase after power, top speed and acceleration figures rather than usability. By usability I mean all the things you mention - visibility, reasonable car width, awareness of the extremities of the car etc. that contribute to an enjoyable drive.
But never mind, the general public is spared this monstrosity. It is meant only for the dedicated few - like the insanely rich who buy them and motoring journalists who review them (no doubt enthusiastically)

21 December 2016

But what defines a super sports car when it is dangerously difficult to see out, navigate down a B-road or just park (parallel or whatever).

Might as well petition to Lamborghini to transform Ad Personam into a full-fledged car tailoring (or customisation) department called 'Transformers" to customise your kind of car that will be easier to see out, easier to navigate down a B-road or easier to just park.

All in, you may just created your very own princely priced Aventador Speciale! ;)

19 December 2016
Every Arabs wet dream come true this one, so will no doubt see some god awful version in some
lurid colour outside Harrods...

19 December 2016
Looks even more amazing than the standard car. It may not have the power, pace or eye watering price tag of its hypercar rivals but looks wise, Lamborghini still knows how to do things better than most. In fact, probably than anyone. I wonder if the S couldn't have foregone its conventional 4WD system and replace it with a small hybrid system instead, powering the front wheels and giving the Aventador added oomph.

19 December 2016
Can you believe commentators said this was "too safe" and "too Audi-like" when it came out? Five years on and it still looks incredible. I'm lucky enough to have been in one at full chat and my word it's unforgettable. A wonderful thing wasted on the rich...

19 December 2016
I would still dream of a manual. Put it into fourth at 20mph and pull all the way to 150 or whatever, just listening to the tunes change as you go. Pleasures like that appeal more to me than sitting back while the launch control does it stuff, or squeezing out the last tenth on a circuit day.

19 December 2016
Agree 100% about a manual box. A tragedy that it isn't available for those who would like one. At least Porsche and Aston Martin have realised this and rescinded.

19 December 2016
even formula 1 cars are dsg type auto and with such a powerfull car loads of gears are probably usefull, do not get me wrong an mx5 manual is fine but with larger cars just think the technology sits well with steptronic dsg and not think even Ferarri do manual now.


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