Alpina has overhauled the BMW X3, making a performance car out of the 3.0-litre diesel-straight-six-engined SUV
Jimi Beckwith
27 February 2018

Alpina has revealed a 328bhp, 516lb ft performance version of the X3 called the XD3 at the Geneva motor show.

The XD3 has 27bhp less than the petrol-engined X3 M40i, but a torque advantage of 147lb ft over BMW’s fastest X3 so far means the diesel XD3’s acceleration from 0-62mph takes 4.7sec compared with the M40i’s 4.8sec. It is also more than one second quicker than the xDrive30d’s 5.8sec. The M40i’s top speed is limited to 155mph, where the XD3 can reach 158mph. The xDrive30i tops out at 149mph. 

Powering the XD3 is a twin-turbo version of BMW’s 2993cc six-cylinder diesel engine, with maximum power available from 4000-4600rpm. Power is transmitted to all four wheels through a tweaked version of BMW’s xDrive system, with a ZF eight-speed Alpine Switch-Tronic automatic gearbox handling shifts, and buttons on the steering wheel allowing the driver to perform gear changes.

European-spec XD3s get quad-turbos which hike the power to 383bhp and torque to 568lb ft, trimming the 0-62mph to 4.6sec and upping the top speed to 165mph. This format is only available on left-hand drive cars, however. 

The previous XD3 was 2mph slower than the current car, and 0.2sec slower to 62mph, although fuel economy has taken a dip for this generation - 31.4mpg versus the old car’s 42.8mpg. Alpina says that the new, more rigorous WLTP test cycle is to blame for this. CO2 emissions have risen from 174g/km to 238g/km. Alpina claims that the two cars can return similar fuel economies, despite the different figures.

On the outside, the car is distinguished by Alpina’s typical suite of styling upgrades, including chrome-tipped quad exhausts, Alpina badging at the front and rear and multi-spoke alloys that are 20in as standard, with 22in wheels optional. 

Pricing will rise slightly over the last car's £56,450 to around £60,000, although the brand says that the new car will be higher spec than before. First deliveries are scheduled for January 2019 for UK customers The last XD3 got a run of 150 units, with 14 making it onto UK roads. This time around, 12 will be brought to the UK per year. The previous-generation XD3 sold out for the year by April in the UK.

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Alpina XD3

Alpina's fast-but-frugal SUV gets a mid-life refresh with styling tweaks and an even more comfortable chassis set-up. Is the overall package still strong?

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27 February 2018

You wouldn’t look twice IF you didn’t know your Cars....

Peter Cavellini.

27 February 2018

It’s still fundamentally an X3. You wouldn’t look twice IF you did know your cars........

27 February 2018

Diesels are dead in the water now,what's the point ot Alpina doing this? I don't get it.


27 February 2018

I do actually really like this car, and would happily have one.

HOWEVER.  As madmac says above - why are Alpina doing this with diesel, especially when there is now a perfectly decent petrol engine available in the BMW X3?  It makes no sense when Alpina can clearly do such wondrous things with BMW petrol engines, especially when the mpg and co2 figures are so appalling?

And the X3 M40i is pretty impressive, and about £10,000 less than this!

Also - why are Autocar saying it puts out 328 bhp when Alpina’s own website quotes it as having 333 bhp?

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