Currently reading: Mazda ponders how Koeru crossover coupé might fit into model range
New concept car at Frankfurt motor show previews coupé version of the CX-5 SUV, and could take the CX-4 name for production
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15 September 2015

Mazda is investigating how the bold new Koeru concept might fit into its model range, according to European president Jeff Guyton.

The manufacturer offered a glimpse of a new coupé-like SUV model with the unveiling of the Koeru at the Frankfurt motor show.

The Koeru is said to be a crossover SUV concept and not based on any existing model’s platform. However, it is much the same size as the CX-5, with an almost identical length and wheelbase. It is 4600mm long and has a 2700mm wheelbase.

Updated - see the new Mazda CX-4

It has more sweeping styling than the CX-5, though, suggesting it could preview a coupé-like version to slot between the CX-5 and the smaller CX-3.

“While the crossover segment is growing, we need to know what a car like this would do to our other sales,” he said.

The implication is it might impact on sales of the CX-3 and CX-5, which are currently booming.

Guyton wouldn’t be drawn on whether the Koeru might reach production as a CX-4, pointing to the fact that it is a slightly different style of car to Mazda’s existing CX models in that it is lower, sleeker and sportier.

“I’m not sure I’d position it between CX3 and CX5,” he said, “although there is certainly an argument that it needs to be part of a model range to be recognised.”

Guyton estimates the car could be in production in about two years, if it receives the green light. He added that reaction so far has been “all positive”.

Mazda describes the Koeru as having “broad proportions and a low-leaning cabin”. It features LED lights at the front and rear and the latest evolution of the company’s Kodo design language. The sleek styling is said to boost aerodynamics, improving fuel efficiency and helping to suppress in-cabin noise.

A production version could appear at a motor show next year, with a Paris debut likely in the autumn, before the finished car goes on sale in 2017.

The Koeru’s interior can seat five adults, according to Mazda, and comes with the company’s latest MZD Connect infotainment system.

Mazda’s European sales volume has expanded from 127,000 to 220,000 in three years off the back of better models and improved management. That’s in line with the company’s aspiration to achieve 2% of global volume, which equates to around 1.7m cars.

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15 September 2015
Sounds an interesting vehicle. Looks much smarter than the CX5 and larger than the CX3.


15 September 2015
Very nice indeed! I know the article said that the if this vehicle was to make it into production, they may call it the CX4 and slot it between the CX3 and CX5. But hasn't it been the trend with these four door coup-type vehicles, even though the share a platform and footprint with an existing vehicle in production, to place them farther up the ladder in pricing and the alphanumeric naming scheme? So instead of the CX4, maybe the CX6? Whatever, I know that many don't but I for one love them and think that many more automakers should get into making them. And whatever they call it, I think that if they produce it Mazda may have another hit on their hands!

15 September 2015
Can't see it being called anything with a 4 in as this number is considered unlucky in most of Asia as it means Death! Hence no 4 in the Mazda range already! On the other hand 6 is considered lucky so CX-6 would make more sense! Looks nice whatever they call it! I think this more like a 6 Tourer so could be an all wheel drive 6 coupe as the current 6 has room underneath for AWD transmission etc

15 September 2015
@russkyh wrote:

Can't see it being called anything with a 4 in as this number is considered unlucky in most of Asia as it means Death! Hence no 4 in the Mazda range already!

I thought Mazda used the Eunos/Atenza/Demio etc. names in Japan and the numbering system was for Europe?

Regardless of what it's called I think this is a beautiful large hatchback in the vein of the Chrysler Delta and Citroen DS 5. If they junk the big wheels and silly crossover cladding it would look even better.

15 September 2015
I agree that CX-6 would be better - if it's going to be a more expensive proposition than a CX5, (as coupe versions usually are) then going up a number would meet customer expectation on the pricing, as a customer wouldn't expect o pay more for a 4 than a 5. It's also the path that BMW are currently following and shortly to be taken up by Audi. The other option would be just to call it a CX-5 coupe I suppose, but the 6 number would help residual values.

15 September 2015
Best looking SUV I've ever set eyes on! Makes the Jag F-Pace look dumpy, and that's a good looking vehicle! Can't believe that I'm starting to approve of SUV coupe's! A market started by the tasteless BMW X6.

15 September 2015
Call it the CMX?. Smart piece of design, makes me wonder if the blacked out pillar will appear on Mazda 2 and 3 facelifts.

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