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New 740bhp concept SUV provides an insight into the future for Mercedes' luxury sub-brand
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25 April 2018

Mercedes’ Maybach luxury sub-brand has shown its intention to add a new SUV to its range with the unveiling of the Vision Ultimate Luxury at the 2018 Beijing motor show.

The new concept car, which Mercedes' chief design officer Gorden Wagener says has been conceived to underscore the position of Maybach as an "ultimate luxury brand", combines the high-riding characteristics of an SUV with the silhouette of a traditional saloon to create a roomy and luxurious four-seater that features a combination of Western and Eastern design flourishes.  

While the smooth-surfaced Vision Ultimate Luxury is unlikely to reach production in its unconventional three-box form with distinctive split-window treatment, various elements of its exterior design, including its bold chromed grille, are expected to be used on a new Mercedes-Maybach production car based on the forthcoming third-generation GLS. This model will be a rival to the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

At 5260mm long, 2110mm wide and 1764mm tall, the latest in a trio of Maybach concepts is 130mm longer, 180mm wider and 86mm lower than today's second-generation Mercedes-Benz GLS. For comparison, the Bentayga is 5140mm long, 2000mm wide and 1740mm tall.

These dimensions are claimed to mirror those of the production Mercedes-Maybach GLS, which is due in 2019.

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Inside, the Vision Ultimate Luxury is furnished with fine leather, wood and rose gold.   

The concept, which rides on towering 24in wheels, runs an electric powertrain. In a set-up similar to that of the Mercedes-Benz SLS Electric Drive of 2013, it uses a quartet of motors, with one acting on each wheel to provide fully variable four-wheel drive. Combined output is 740bhp and top speed is electronically limited to 155mph.

Energy is stored in a battery housed within the concept's flat floor structure. With a capacity around 80kWh, it's claimed to provide a range of more than 310 miles.

The Vision Ultimate Luxury is charged with a DC system that allows a capacity of up to 350kW. Mercedes-Maybach claims five minutes of charging provides sufficient power for 62 miles of range. Alternatively, the concept can be charged at public charging stations, from conventional mains power and inductively, through a contactless plate.

Although Mercedes officials refused to be drawn on the plans for the new powertrain, it's suggested that it could form the basis of the EQ S saloon, which is due to enter production in 2020 as part of a family of EQ-badged electric models.  

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24 April 2018

Words are not fully able to express how horrendous this is.

24 April 2018
rare wrote:

Words are not fully able to express how horrendous this is.



24 April 2018

How utterly vile.

The last time I saw a silhouette like that it was on a Suzuki X90.

Thank goodness it's unlikely to make production.

29 May 2018

X90 exactly, I had images of a Jacked up Moris Oxford/Hindustani to mind!

24 April 2018

This surely has to be an occasion where a somewhat ugly production car will made more aceptable looking by being preceded by an even uglier concept car. The size, the overall shape, the wheels, the terrible, terrible rear end (Suzuki X-90 anyone?) - everything is just so bad that a more mainstream design, however poor, is going to look better. 

24 April 2018

A low point in the history of the motor car. With all of the advantages today's technology offers to help designers they come up with this. It's a cross between a Rover 75 and a Tonka toy. This is utterly disgraceful. Nothing about it is good in any way.

The last few years have seen more ugly car designs than the last 50, yet the tools to do the job well have never been more readily available or easier to use. 360 degree 3D VR renders at the flick of a switch to see your ideas and changes from any angle, allowing incredible opportunities for experimentation and fine tuning.

And this is the best they can do. Appalling.

24 April 2018

The Rover 75 is and was a great design tbh!!! Way more class than this monster. 

24 April 2018

Wow... utterly awful.


However I would like my next car to have 'Ultimate Luxury' enscribed on the back...


24 April 2018
finecitytom wrote:

However I would like my next car to have 'Ultimate Luxury' enscribed on the back...


I'd rather it say 'Ultimate Bespoke Luxury Limited Special Premium Edition'

24 April 2018

Truly gross. 

That Mercedes can even SHOW such a vehicle suggests something is going seriously wrong somewhere.


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