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Renault's low-priced model will go on sale in Latin America from next year, but it won't be coming to the UK

The Renault Dacia Sandero RS has been revealed at the Buenos Aires motor show in Argentina.

Powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine developing 143bhp and connected to a six-speed manual gearbox, the RS makes good on a promise made by Renaultsport boss Patrice Ratti to produce a sportier version of the Sandero. As well as its extra power, the RS gets tuned suspension, ESC, steering and brake settings.

The extra power means the Sandero RS is capable of reaching 62mph in eight seconds, and has a top speed of 125.5mph. It weighs 1161kg - the heaviest Sandero weighs 1083kg by comparison.

The Sandero RS is the first RS-badged model to be built outside Europe. It is set to be sold exclusively in Latin America from next year, with no plans to bring the car to the UK. That decision is likely due to the fact that the Sandero is badged as a Dacia here, rather than a Renault.

The most powerful version of the Sandero currently on offer in Europe produces 101bhp from its 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. The power gains for the RS model might seem modest,but Ratti had already noted that big gains weren’t needed. “A Sandero is lighter than a Clio, so you don’t need that much power,” he said to Autocar last year.

Ratti also revealed that the new model is intended to spearhead the RS sub-brand’s growth in the emerging Latin American market.

The Sandero RS will sit as an entry-level option to the Renaultsport range, which also includes the Clio RS and Mégane RS. Hot versions of the Captur and Kadjar are also known to be on the cards, alongside possible future hot versions of the Twingo.

Renault has also released a video showcasing the development of the car.

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The Sandero represents basic motoring done well, for those who really want it

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fadyady 14 September 2015

hang on

Two litre naturally aspirated small hatchback with a proper manual gearbox. Sounds just like the Clio RS before some half-wit ruined it with a set of pretentious flappy pedals and turbos. Could live with the turbo in the name of lower emissions but certainly not with an autobox.
BenC30 23 June 2015


2.0-litre four-cylinder engine developing 143bhp in a car the size of a Sandero is hardly sporting.
gigglebug 23 June 2015

BenC30 wrote: 2.0-litre four

BenC30 wrote:

2.0-litre four-cylinder engine developing 143bhp in a car the size of a Sandero is hardly sporting.

All depends on how you define sporting? I would suggest that a cars chassis and suspension tuning/capabilities has far more baring on a cars ability to be sporting than BHP figures. Would it be any more sporting with 250 bhp if the chassis was a complete mess?

catnip 23 June 2015

A small RenaultSport model,

A small RenaultSport model, with a 6-speed manual gearbox? Nice.