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Tesla’s share prices have plunged 19 per cent after two senior engineers left the company

Production and launch of the Tesla Model S won't be affected, despite two top engineers leaving, Tesla Motors has announced.

Tesla Motors’ share prices plunged 19 per cent last week after two senior engineers left the company. The news comes just two months before the launch of the Tesla Model S luxury saloon.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said "I'm highly confident we'll deliver at least 20,000 cars" in 2013. "I'm highly confident we'll do better than the delivery date of the first Model S cars being in July," according to Bloomberg.

Tesla’s vice president and chief engineer, Peter Rawlinson has left for personal reasons, but the car maker hasn’t elaborated on the departure of vehicle and chassis engineer Nick Sampson.

Spokesman Ricardo Reyes said: “Having completed conceptual and design engineering work on Model S, Peter has decided to step away to tend to personal matters in the U.K.”

Tesla’s shares fell to $22.79 in New York on Friday, the biggest slide since shares began trading in June 2010, although the stock staged a recovery to $24.56 in after-hours trading.

Musk said: “The uncertainty around Model S is now much diminished, as anyone who has seen the beta vehicles and toured the factory will appreciate. There is no question in my mind that we will start delivering vehicles in July, if not sooner.”

The Tesla Model S is claimed to be capable of a 300-mile range on a single charge, and will retail in America for around $92,000 (£60,000). It says the Model S will expand the company’s sales volume.

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TegTypeR 17 January 2012

Re: Tesla shares plunge after departures

It shows how the market views Telsa and it's products, considering it clearly values the people in the company more than it's product or market position.

Personally, I can't see Telsa staying independent for much longer and I'd put my money on Toyota buying them out or at least creating a "strategic alliance" at some point soon.

ronmcdonald 17 January 2012

Re: Tesla shares plunge after departures

Big news to me is the fact that the Model S is only two months away from launch. So far I've read Tesla's claimed performance and mileage stats, but not sure I've ever seen these claims be verified by an independent source.

Anyone got a link to a review of the Tesla Model S? I can find plenty of reviews of people having a brief test drive (read the small print and you'll see they were actually just passengers) around Tesla's track, but nobody seems to know anything for sure about those claimed figures.

Wonder if the lack of independent tests and engineers moving on just prior to launch are related?