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Porsche claims it is close to a solution for GT3 fire issues, Volvo reveals its latest face-recognition technology, Peugeot ramps up 308 production in France

Porsche says it will "shortly” announce a solution to the fault that has caused two engine fires in the new 911 GT3. CEO Matthias Müller said: “We know the reason and the problem-solving measures.” A total of 785 GT3s have been recalled with owners told to stop driving their vehicles pending repairs. 

Volvo is working on a new suite of sensor-based technologies which can recognise where a driver is looking and whether they're tired or not concentrating. The technology, which is currently being tested in prototype cars, can also recognise who is driving the car and can adjust seats and interior lighting accordingly.

Buoyed by its recent naming as Car of the Year, production of the Peugeot 308 is being increased. An extra night shift is being put in place at the firm's Sochaux plant to cater for the extra demand, staffed by 600 new workers. The plant also produces the 508 and 3008 alongside the Citroën DS5.

Additional reporting by Phillip Morton

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superstevie 18 March 2014

Pleased that the 308 is

Pleased that the 308 is having a strong start. I've seen a few on the road, I think they are rather handsome looking cars. Nothing flash, but that can be a good thing. It looks better than a Golf in my book, and streets ahead of the Focus/Astra/KoreanTwins