Currently reading: Petrol prices hit record high
The average price for a litre of petrol has risen to an all-time high of 119.9p

Petrol prices in the UK have reached a record high, according to analysts Experian Catalist.

The figure of 119.9p per litre eclipses the previous record of 119.7p that was set in July 2008 when the price for a barrel of oil also reached a record high.

RAC motoring strategist Adrian Tink told the BBC: "This is a dark day for motorists. Petrol prices have been rising steadily over the past year and have now reached the inevitable record high. However, this is only the average.

"In some areas motorists will be paying close to £6 a gallon [131.9p a litre]."

The average price of a litre of diesel currently stands at 120.65p, which is 12.6p less than the record set in July 2008.

The continued rise is being put down to the refinery costs of oil, as well as the persistent rise in duty. The most recent tax increase per litre was 1p, which was introduced a week ago. Further duty increases are scheduled for October and January.

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BriMarsh 8 April 2010

Re: Petrol prices hit record high

As posters have already mentioned, the escalator was brought in by the Conservatives. When they get in this time, there'll be no national assets left to sell off, so I don't think we can expect a sudden reduction in fuel duty.

Stephen Guckel 8 April 2010

Re: Petrol prices hit record high

Perhaps we should buy shares in the Petrol companies?

FR3000 8 April 2010

Re: Petrol prices hit record high

fhp11 wrote:
Someone is milking money somewhere..............

Yep - they say "Increase in refinery costs..." but what they actually mean is "Increase in our record breaking inflated profit margins..."