Currently reading: New supercharged Vauxhall VXR8 to be built in US
Plans are underway to revive the VXR8, which was under threat following GM's exit from Australia

The supercharged Vauxhall VXR8 could be reborn after Holden ends production of the Commodore in Australia in 2017.

A plan is under serious consideration by GM for a rear-wheel-drive V8 sports saloon to be developed and built in North America to replace the Commodore, which is sold there as a Chevrolet SS.

If the business case stacks up, the new-generation SS would be exported to Australia, where it would be pressed into service by both Holden and Holden Special Vehicles, which creates the VXR8.

Senior GM engineer Dave Leone said affordable rear-drive performance cars would remain part of GM’s product portfolio beyond the Aussie Holden’s demise.

“If you are a performance enthusiast, then rear-wheel drive is the way to go and that’s the part of the rear-drive [GM] Alpha platform will play,” Leone said.

GM announced it would stop making vehicles in Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2017 late last year, citing high costs and a poor supply chain as the reasons behind its decision, which puts an end to 70 years of Holden vehicle manufacturing in the company. 

Toyota has also announced it will be pulling out of Australia by the start of 2017, leaving the country with no local vehicle production. Like GM, Toyota will instead move to become a vehicle importer in the country.

Bruce Newton

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rmcondo 19 February 2014

Vauxhall/Opel's relationship

Vauxhall/Opel's relationship is positioned more with Buick than with Chevrolet so if any car larger than an Insignia were to be introduced, it should be the Buick Lacrosse
Baggsson 18 February 2014

This is good! Means it will

This is good! Means it will be cheap again as it wont be valued against the horrendously strong Aussie Dollar. Remember the Monaro used to be £35000 bargain, now its unjustifiable.

I imagine the new VXR will be a Mustang priced competitor since it basically is a 4 door Camaro. As long as they continue RHD due to the Aussie/NZ market.

Peter Cavellini 18 February 2014

The only problem is...........?

The key factor here much would you pay for one?,if it were a Football team.......would it get into the Champions League...?,because,it may be quick but that's it though,inside it's just a plush Vauxhall,what are it's residuals like?, i think nowhere near European standards at perceived price level.