Currently reading: New Coventry-based firm to be largest EV battery maker in UK
Hyperbat Limited has been set up by Williams Advanced Engineering, with Aston Martin as its first customer

The UK’s largest independent vehicle battery manufacturer will open its doors early next year, with a high-tech factory creating around 90 new jobs.

The site, located in Coventry, is part of a new joint venture between Formula E powertrain supplier Williams Advanced Engineering and Unipart Manufacturing Group. It is designated as a “secure future supply chain” for UK-based car manufacturers, reducing reliance on exported parts from abroad. 

Hyperbat’s first customer will be Aston Martin, and the facility will centre initially on making electric powertrains for the limited-run Rapide E electric luxury saloon. Future projects have yet to be confirmed, but company representatives claim their focus is on the “low-volume, high-performance category”.  Further potential to expand into marine and aircraft projects is also mooted.

Managing director of Unipart Manufacturing Group, Carol Burke, said that Hyperbat’s facilities will be “highly adaptable to meet the changing requirements of future demands”.

Autocar spoke to Williams Advanced Engineering's Senior Commercial Manager, Tony Booth, who confirmed that the facility's future is clearly sustainable.

"All automotive brands, and many in the UK, are carrying out an electrification strategy. In the UK we currently produce 2.7 million engines per year, of which 1.7 million are retained here. Much of that will be retained as they move to electrificiation, so we're well placed as the first UK facility to produce batteries for the automotive industry".

Production at the new facility will begin as soon as it is completed at the start of next year. Its existence is credited by the government as part of its Advanced Propulsion Centre project to develop new vehicle battery tech and increase the amount of highly skilled jobs in Coventry.

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Peter Cavellini 12 September 2018

Battery Shops...

  Maybe some forward thinking person will become like Tyre fitter centre becom3 a Battery fitting centre?