Daimler says rumours of sale to Chinese car maker are untrue

Reports that the Maybach luxury brand could be sold to Chinese car maker BYD are untrue, according to Daimler.

Following widespread reports of a potential sale in China, a Daimler spokesman responded, "Maybach is an important part of Daimler's product portfolio. There is no other decision."

Facelifted Maybach pictured

A BYD spokesman told the Reuters news agency the company had not been in contact with Daimler. "It's not true, it's market speculation," he said.

BYD is well known for being 10 per cent owned by American investor Warren Buffett. It is working with Daimler on developing electric cars for the Chinese market.

The future of Maybach has been the subject of speculation for some time, with Merc boss Dieter Zetsche refusing to confirm that a next-generation car was being planned. Last year just 200 Maybach sales were registered.

Zetsche told Autocar late last year, "The contribution of Maybach is not significant or relevant but there are only two players in this market and we are one of them. But there are no plans in the long run."

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moveovercomingt... 30 March 2010

Re: Maybach 'not for sale'

..because nobody would buy it.

audicars 30 March 2010

Re: Maybach 'not for sale'

A mate of mines got an Exelero. Got it as a gift from his late Great Uncle, who had little sense and Loadsa Dosh. It's nice, well it would have to be, HUGE price tag.

MattDB 30 March 2010

Re: Maybach 'not for sale'

The headline 'Maybach not for sale' is an interesting start to the article.

Maybe the public also think they are not actually for sale as they haven't bought them. If a mere 200 were sold in 2009 (assume this is global stats) then considering 90% of those are in the Middle East where they do not have any taste at all, and the other 10% are mainly driving around New York or Shanghai where again good taste is in very short supply then how many did we Brits buy?

Agree with others here that styling is a big issue with the current car and it lacks appeal unlike the normal Mercedes range which is very appealing for a fraction of the price. The only feature that really impressed me was the amazing quality of engineering that went into the special chrome cup holders that can perfectly hold the stem of a champagne flute, and are damped to resist bumps on the move, now thats detail for you!!