Design sketches reveal detail changes; beijing motor show launch
15 March 2010

Maybach is poised to facelift its line-up, according to reports.

Design images of what are reported to be the facelifted car have leaked on to the internet, with reports suggesting it could be launched at the Beijing motor show in April.

See the full set of Maybach facelift pictures

Changes are said to be cosmetic, and include an updated front bumper, new grille and bonnet design, and LED lights.

However, Merc boss Dieter Zetsche has yet to confirm that a next-generation car is being planned, adding to rumours that the brand is being axed.

"The contribution of Maybach is not significant or relevant but there are only two players in this market and we are one of them. But there are no plans in the long run," he told Autocar last December.

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15 March 2010

Still looks like a big Hyundai. Should sell well in China

15 March 2010

[quote MattDB]Still looks like a big Hyundai[/quote]

I think that should be - Hyundai`s look like every other make of car.

15 March 2010

Even more vulgar than a RR Ghost. Proof that there is no correlation between wealth and taste!

15 March 2010

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  • Can't
  • A
  • Turd
  • You
  • Polish

15 March 2010

7 SERIES?,from the front i think so.

Peter Cavellini.

15 March 2010

the plastic surgeon should be sued.

15 March 2010

The maybach is a wonderful car to be driven in but why would anyone take one over a phantom?

Or a LWB S-Class for that matter?

16 March 2010

Too little too late.

The S-class is already a fantastic car for much less money.

29 August 2012

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20 April 2013

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