Currently reading: Jaguar Land Rover launches mobile-friendly digital car-buying service
JLR will launch its Rockar digital retail site on Monday, ahead of the opening of its outlet in east London's Westfield shopping centre

Jaguar Land Rover is to launch a new digital platform on Monday that will allow customers to research, spec and buy a car entirely on their phone.

The platform has been created by Rockar, the company responsible for Hyundai’s digital service, and marks the first time an automotive retail service has been launched digitally before a physical store.

“If you look at all the recent digital trends, the biggest use is now mobile,” said Rockar founder Simon Dixon (pictured below). “Sixty percent of our customers complete their purchase away from the store, so it’s all moving in one direction.”

Dixon said just two years ago the situation would have been very different, and that JLR would have been unlikely to support a digital-first launch.

“You’ve got to remember that the franchise of having a showroom and salesmen has been around for years,” said Dixon. “The fact we’ve now been able to go digital first shows how much the industry is changing.”

JLR’s mobile-compatible Rockar service will use a newly developed platform that Dixon describes as “slicker and offering a more streamlined journey for the user”. It will go live one month before a physical store is opened in Stratford’s Westfield shopping centre in East London.

“The digital platform means you can go wherever you want to go,” continued Dixon. “If you want to be part of the horse show at Burghley, you can be there [as a pop-up store]. If you want to go to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, or even a hotel foyer, you can be there. It offers a lot more scope for interacting with the customer.”


Dixon added that fixed stores in shopping centres are still extremely strong assets for Rockar’s services. Hyundai has enjoyed much sales success with its own Rockar stores, and Dixon expects JLR to achieve similarly positive results.

“In shopping centres people are there with a completely different frame of mind – they’re shopping, they’re buying and they’re going for a meal,” said Dixon. “JLR wants to be more focused on the customer experience to enable buyers to purchase when they want to, and this is something we’ve proved works through the store strategy with Hyundai.

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“We really believe that this industry is right at the beginning of the biggest change it’s ever been through,” Dixon added.

JLR’s launch represents Rockar’s biggest deal to date, but the brand is already in talks with two other car brands. With every new launch, Dixon expects the service to evolve, making Rockar a leading force in the digitalisation of car sales.

“We’ve now just gone over 420,000 user journeys with the Hyundai business, and our predictions are that we’ll be one of the biggest sales tools for JLR, too,” said Dixon. “All of the data says a massive amount of the population will begin to buy this way. The job now is making sure people know about us from Monday morning.”

The JLR Rockar website will open for business on Monday at 10am.

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ama91 16 September 2016

My views are slightly different

Good in theory, but yet more power being taken away from a consumer. Can you negotiate with a computer? No. Is there any personality in dealing with a computer or not engaging with another human being? No.

I quite enjoy the negotiation stage with a Sales Person and bartering. Plus if something goes wrong, you have a personal point of contact who you can go directly too.

Anything goes wrong with your Rockar order, you'll more than likely be stuck in a queue with 60 other people being told by a recorded message that they value your business and someone will be with you shortly!

Too much emphasis on digital and online these days. Buying a car is an experience that happens every couple of years and should be something to enjoy. Not just like popping to the shop to buy your food and clothes.

This is simply more profit for the the Brands and Franchises dressed up in a fancy frock to fool your average customer.

Sorry, rant over. :)

BigZoot 16 September 2016

i will have...

one F Type and one F Pace please. Thank you.
xxxx 16 September 2016

Who in their right mind

Would spec and buy a car on their phone, I mean do you spec a £60,000 car and not even think about a discount. Mind you at least you don't have to talk to a car salesman - Put me down for 2 F Type's please