Currently reading: Hyundai Genesis culled from UK line-up due to poor sales
Slow-selling saloon has been dropped; name could eventually be used on new, luxury brand
Sam Sheehan
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10 July 2017

Hyundai has removed the Genesis saloon from its UK line-up due to low demand, with sales reaching just 50 units since 2015.

The BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class and Jaguar XF rival was offered in the UK exclusively with a 3.8-litre V6 petrol engine. This high-spec lone model cost from £50,705, allowing the more comprehensive ranges of its rivals to enter the market with more affordable base prices.

"The Genesis was never built for the European market, it was conceived for the Korean and American markets," Hyundai UK managing director Tony Whitehorn told Autocar. "It shows a saloon car with a 3.8-litre engine is not really what is demanded in Europe, and in particular in the UK.

"we brought it in as much just to sample it: lots of people told us they’d driven a Genesis in America and liked it. It was also available in Australia and had done well there, so it was engineered in right-hand-drive. So we thought fine, let’s trial it and see how it goes."

Hyundai has launched the Genesis brand as a luxury vehicle division in several markets, where the Genesis saloon has been renamed the G80. The firm is also developing a smaller Genesis G70 (pictured below), which will sit below the G80 in the range. No date has been set for when the Genesis brand will make it to Britain, and some sources expect it to take several years, despite earlier, more optimistic predictions.

Alongside the G70 and G80, Genesis also produces the larger G90 saloon for the Korean, US, Chinese and Middle Eastern markets. But sales for saloon models in Britain have plummeted in recent years, falling by more than 50% compared with a decade ago, meaning an SUV model will lead Genesis’s UK charge.

Whitehorn told Autocar that no decision had yet been made on whether to bring the Genesis brand to the UK. In an earlier interview, he said: “The Genesis of today is more of an American car, but there are models coming that are more suitable for our market, such as the crossover and SUV. We bring out the SUV, there will be more interest.”


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Hyundai Genesis
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10 July 2017
wonder how many were dealer registered?

10 July 2017
xxxx wrote:

wonder how many were dealer registered?

Why - have you got nothing better to do muppet?

10 July 2017
Learn some manners boy.

10 July 2017
Most of them I would imagine. I can't see where the demand comes from.

10 July 2017
At that price, I'm surprised they sold that many. As xxxx says I can guess most were dealer demonstrators or even Hyundai UK directors cars. Thing is I think the I 30 North sport is going to go the same way. Let's be honest how many I 30 turbo/Kia ceed turbo (the luke warm hatch variant) have you seen on the roads. Seeno a few Kia Ceed GT Line but that's it. They're just way too expensive. With the pcp deals that's around now. You can have a much more established brand for the same or less. Pity would've been nice to see it succeed.

10 July 2017
secondhand like France's repeated attempts at something upmarket or simply so rare that survicing will always be a nightmare?

10 July 2017
It was destined to fail, a big V6 saloon from a non-premium marque.

However I thought the point was that it was going to be a slow selling halo model?
Something that would spearhead the inevitable onslaught of yet more SUVs?

10 July 2017
They are quite popular in the USA and obviously in native South Korea.

It is also more of a S class competitor than E class.

10 July 2017
Why are rubbish wagons so popular in the UK? It used to be that Europeans bought drivers cars. Not any more.

10 July 2017
A strange decision to sell it in the UK in the first place. Surely they must have seen how few of the volume manufacturers compete in this market place in the UK or indeed in most of the EU.


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