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Conservative MP was previously shadow chief secretary to the Treasury

Conservative MP Philip Hammond has been made the new secretary of state for transport.

The Conservative MP was previously shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, a post that has been filled in the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition by Lib Dem MP David Laws.

Hilton Holloway blog - Driving under a new government

Prior to the election Tory transport spokesperson Theresa Villiers said: "A Conservative government will take action on the causes of unnecessary driving hassle by making the people who dig up our roads accountable for the congestion caused.

“We would give people the chance to campaign for the removal of excessive traffic lights and support innovation from local councils to get traffic flowing smoothly. We will also crack down on rogue clampers by regulating the industry.

“We would consult on a fair fuel stabiliser to cut fuel duty when oil prices rise. This will ensure families and businesses are less exposed to volatile oil markets.

“We say enough is enough to new fixed speed cameras. The government’s own studies show that they are not the best way of keeping our roads safe. So a Conservative government would not fund any new fixed speed cameras.

“We’ll also give the energy companies incentives to install charging points to help people switch to greener electric cars.”

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roadtester 13 May 2010

Re: Hammond 'to be Transport Secretary'

disco.stu wrote:
Now that the election is over and new appointees settling into their new offices, can Autocar (and associated Haymarket titles) follow up their pre-election reporting with regular reporting on how the new government is keeping to its promises? Regular report cards and analysis. Too often, the media is complicit in the hypocrisy of electioneering - faithfully reporting all the promises and then ignoring them when they are broken.

Yes, I'm really looking forward to reading about the raising of the motorway speed limit, the huge road building programme, the dismantling of large numbers of GATSOs, the reduction in fuel duty, the abolition of CCTV enforcement, the bonfire of transport-related quangoes and all the other stuff people claimed would follow the election of a Tory government. I know Heseltine's Haymarket won't let us down.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, take a look at Philip Hammond's Wikipedia entry - he's not exactly motorist-friendly, at least according to Kelvin MacKenzie...

Flash Harry 13 May 2010

Re: Hammond 'to be Transport Secretary'

maybe we could have Richard Hammond here in Ireland to sort out our roads,abolish toll roads and scrap can keep Philip Hammond,no offence!!!!!

kcrally 13 May 2010

Re: Hammond 'to be Transport Secretary'

i see its the usual suspects in the new cabinet.