Currently reading: Audi begins voluntary recall of 850,000 V6 and V8 diesel cars
The software of 850,000 Audis with V6 and V8 diesel engines is being tweaked in a voluntary recall

Audi has issued a voluntary recall for 850,000 cars worldwide that are equipped with V6 and V8 TDI diesel engines.

The free voluntary recall aims to tweak the software of affected cars, to improve their emissions in real-world driving conditions. 

Audi announced the recall but has not yet confirmed the number of affected cars in the UK. The brand has been working with the German Federal Transport Authority (KBA) to implement the fix. 

Audi said it would co-operate with authorities in their investigations, but avoided mentioning if any wrongdoing had yet been found. It did mention ongoing investigations by the KBA, with the possibility that if the German authority should find any discrepancies, further actions will be carried out. 

Audi also said the recall will future-proof the affected cars against possible bans that might be implemented in the future. 

The move by Audi follows a recall implemented recently by Mercedes-Benz that affects several hundred thousand cars in the UK and three million in Europe. 

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max1e6 22 July 2017

'Made in Germany'

Air pollution 'Made in Germany'.

'Vorsprung durch Technik'?!

Peter Cavellini 22 July 2017


Were the limits set too high?, could none of the Car makers comply with it?, did they have to alledgedly fiddle the figures?, it all sounds judging by some of the posts that you think they knowingly did it?, I'm prepared to admit i might be wrong,but, how about some of you...?

fadyady 22 July 2017

Still awaiting

Still awaiting Rupert Steadler making the decision to step down. Despite full backing by Porsche and Piech clans (for reasons now quite obvoulous even to the most blinkered VW fans) it's only a matter of time before his 10-year stunt as Audi boss gets wrapped up. The sooner this corruption saga comes to end the better.