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Street lamps could be key to expanding on-street charging, catering to those who can't charge at home
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1 February 2021

The upcoming 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars will transform UK motoring on a scale never seen before. This story is part of a wider analysis of the challenges faced by consumers, government and the automotive industry, what needs to happen, and how such drastic changes can be achieved over the next decade.

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Hawes has some stark figures on this. To meet the 2030 target “will mean providing the additional 1.5 million on-street charge points, mostly for residential use”.

On-street charge points will be vital for the third of UK car owners who don’t have access to off-street parking. Brazier thinks street lamps will be the answer, because there’s already a supply of electricity to these. Plus, with the conversion to LED lamps, the lights themselves don’t draw as much power as they used to, so there’s spare capacity in the infrastructure.

Not that on-street charging won’t be without its complications. Brazier adds: “The challenge will be more on the local authority side of things and in maintaining it. From the grid side of things, we feel it’s manageable within our planning.”

The “challenge” stems from the fact that there are two types of street light: one connected directly to the distribution network and the other owned by the local authority. Brazier doesn’t see an issue with the direct connection ones, because “they have a bit more juice in them”, but the local authority ones could throw up more bureaucratic issues.

As ever, smart chargers are the key. “So long as they’re not all charging full bore at the same time, it won’t be so much of an issue,” according to Brazier.


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Adora25810 2 February 2021
Well this clearly will not be possible or acceptable in most areas.

Most lampposts could be outside someone else's house where they park.....and more importantly majority of lampposts are not near the edge of the curb lol they are actually set as far back from the curb on the opposite side of the are not legally allowed to trail cables across a footpath so if they were to do as they say they would have to rip out all lampposts and then install them on the edge of the curb side...which won't happen because the reason most lampposts are not near the curb side is so cars do not bang into them if they park wrong and over step the curb lol

MikeeG 1 February 2021
Oh here we go again. I'm sorry do you all have a fossil fuel pump outside your house? Don't suppose you do. Stop living in the dark ages anti EV band.
Peter Cavellini 1 February 2021

 Safety, on street charging, vandalism, how can these things be guaranteed?, how long is. Charge cable for an EV car?, what if your parking space is more than twenty feet from a Lamp post?, vandalism, how are charge points and cars charging overnight protected?, I don't think I've read any info on these points.