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New visual identity arrives as Romanian firm shifts focus to off-road ability and clean energy
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17 June 2021

Dacia will move to a modernised brand identity with a new logo, emblem and khaki green colour scheme to signal its increased focus on off-road capabilities and cleaner energy. 

Dacia cars will feature the new logo and emblem from the second half of 2022, with dealerships switching to the new corporate identity early next year.  

The Romanian firm says the new logo, which combines and mirrors the letters ‘D’ and ‘C’ in a redefined typeface, “gives the impression of robustness and stability” and reflects the brand’s “simplistic and artful mindset”. The new branding was first shown on Dacia's Bigster concept earlier this year. 

“These two new visuals are full of meaning. They reflect the robustness of Dacia vehicles, a quality that continues to serve millions of customers every day,” Dacia said. “The graphic design of the brand has been purposefully stripped back, as a reminder that this is a brand that focuses on the essentials.”

The khaki green colour scheme is said to evoke the brand’s link to nature, symbolising its vehicles' off-road capabilities, lower price points and a move to cleaner energy. The all-electric Dacia Spring is already set to go on sale in select European markets, but will not make it to the UK. 

“The essence of the brand is also embodied by its new iconography, symbolising a need for freedom, to recharge one’s batteries, and get back to basics," said Dacia. "These fundamental needs are felt by many and push us to focus on what truly matters, which the design reflects.” 

Dacia’s new brand identity has already come into effect in the UK, with changes to brand sites, advertising and brochures.


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ianp55 18 June 2021

Do I think that Dacia have changed their logo and their branding strategy will make that much difference to their sales? personally I'd have thought their the reason that the cars sell is they are of good quality,comfortable,reliable and sold at a very attractive price are why the model range has been so successful over the past decade. Does the Dacia buyer consider what the logo and brand values are when they sign on the dotted line for their they've got morese sense than that.







MkVII Golf GTI 17 June 2021

DeLorean called, they want their logo back. I mean, seriously, that looks like a DeLorean badge minus the M between DC