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Energy Superhub Oxford will draw 10MW of power directly from the national grid, unlike other hubs
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21 May 2021

A UK-based consortium will open Europe's most powerful EV charging station in Oxford later this year.

Infrastructure firm Pivot Power and Oxford City Council will join forces with charging company Fastned, Tesla and charger provider Wenea to deliver 38 fast and ultra-rapid chargers at Redbridge Park and Ride.

The chargers will be powered by up to 10MW of power drawn, unlike at other UK hubs, directly from the national grid. This makes the Energy Superhub Oxford (ESO) the most powerful such charging site in Europe, according to Pivot Power.

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Ten 300kW chargers, which will be capable of adding 300 miles of range to an EV in 20 minutes, will be initially installed by Fastned, with a further 28 chargers to follow in time for the ESO to open as early as November this year.

Wenea will install 16 of these additional chargers. These chargers will be rated at 7-22kW and compatible with most EVs. The final 12 chargers will be 250kW Tesla Superchargers for use solely by Tesla drivers.

The ESO is part of a wider push to reduce CO2 emissions in Oxford, spearheaded by Pivot Power, which has funding of £41 million to integrate EV charging, battery storage, low-carbon heating and smart energy management technologies to support Oxford in becoming zero-carbon by 2040 or earlier.

The hub is the first of up to 40 similar sites planned by Pivot Power across the UK to help deliver charging infrastructure needed for what the company estimates will be 36 million EVs on UK roads by 2040. Other locations being considered for Superhubs include Coventry, Birmingham and Manchester. 

Pivot Power boss Matt Allen said: “Our goal is to help the UK accelerate [to] net-zero by delivering power where it's needed to support the EV and renewable energy revolution.

"Oxford is one of 40 sites we're developing across the UK, combining up to 2GW of battery storage with high-volume power connections for mass EV charging.”

The ESO comes on the heels of Oxford City Council’s confirmation of plans to open the UK’s first Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) in August this year. The zone, which will encompass a handful of streets in the city centre, will charge every car that's not zero-emissions between £2 and £10 to enter.


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Cobnapint 22 May 2021
I thought the whole point of having an EV was that you were able to drive IN to city centres. Why would you be using the park and ride?

And as somebody said, what's the point of providing super duper really rapid stand back she canna take any more captain chargers. You'll be unnecessarily occupying a bay by the time you get off the (diesel?) bus.

Andrew1 22 May 2021
I pity the state of this country. Looking at the retrograde comments on here... We've became a nation backwards looking morons.
Oh, Gary the carpet fitter! Look how are we scaring away talent from EU because you cannot compete with Piotr, who can do it better and cheaper than you. Don't you worry, Gary, we'll keep the competition away so that expensive incompetents like you can thrive.
Henk75 21 May 2021

How rare it has become to read a headline that implies Oxford or indeed the UK is part of Europe. Twenty years or so before the UK decided to leave the EU, I participated in a guided walking tour of Oxford. The guid was talking about historical events that took place in Oxford and then said: "Meanwhile in Europe...". So I said: "But this is Europe!". Silence followed. Everyone stared.

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