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The fourth Bugatti Veyron Legend model, and the second special edition to be announced in a month will be revealed in Geneva

The fourth in Bugatti’s series of Legend Editions will premiere at the Geneva motor show next week. According to reports, the car is to be named after Elisabeth Junek, a 1920s grand prix racer and friend of Ettore Bugatti.

Like the rest of the Bugatti Legends series, the Elisabeth Junek will be based around a standard Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. Just three will be built and it will feature a range of bespoke detailing. No further information is currently available.

Last year, Bugatti launched models commemorating Jean-Pierre Wimille, Jean Bugatti and Meo Constantini. Just three of each were built, costing around £1.8m. Earlier this week, Bugatti confirmed that all nine were sold.

Bugatti chief, Dr Wolfgang Schreiber said that more than 90 per cent of the 450 Veyrons planned to be built have been sold. He said “After a very successful year in 2013…we are confident that we will be just as successful this year. Our existing and potential customers know that the opportunity to purchase one of these exceptional super sports cars is running out.”

A further special edition Veyron was shown at the Dubai motor show last month, celebrating Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang.


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Norma Smellons 2 March 2014

not quite

The Veyron was no McLaren F1. Posterity will regard it as a numbers machine, all about Top Trumping, with precious little to say about sportscar design. And if it was a reaction to the F1 then it completely missed the point. It is, however, superb at making the rich look silly.
Peter Cavellini 2 March 2014


Yep, it's about time the new version was out, this old hand needs to step back,kind of like the MclarenF1,it took twenty years to beat that car's landmark, now, their beating current ones year on year,so,Bugatti, roll out the new one soon!