Currently reading: Bugatti Veyron 'Lang Lang' inspired by Chinese pianist
A new special edition Bugatti Veyron celebrates the Chinese pianist, Lang Lang
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25 February 2014

Bugatti has shown the latest in a line of special editions at the Qatar motor show. The model, which sits apart from the marque’s ‘Legends’ series, has been designed in honour of Chinese concert pianist, Lang Lang.

The car, which is based on a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, was inspired by a classical concert grand piano and features a black-and-white colour scheme. Black elements of the bodywork are exposed carbonfibre and Bugatti and the contrasting elements are finished in Blanc Atalante white paint.

Diamond-cut “Sang Noir” alloy wheels and 24-carat gold plated badges are also featured.

The interior is trimmed in black leather with white elements and musical stave lines and musical notation around the cabin. The EB badge and clock elements are gold plated and the elephant on the footwell insert is signed by Lang Lang.

The Lang Lang edition is unchanged over the standard Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, but the price climbs to £1.76 million.

Last year, Bugatti began to release a series of special edition 'Legends' models celebrating past heros of the brand. A Jean Bugatti model was followed by models honouring Jean-Pierre Wimille and Meo Constantini. Three more Legends editions are planned, with the latest due to be revealed at next week's Geneva motor show



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25 February 2014
they are getting desperate now... to call a car after a second rate pianist and make it look like a panda, because he is chinese.

why not call it a joanna macgregor and add some frilly bits to the nose, paint it brown like a british bulldog?

or call it the liberace, stick a candelabra on the bonnet and give it a special sequined beak and wing bodykit?


25 February 2014
These Veyron special editions are getting a bit monotonous....just when you think this is definitely, beyond doubt the very last , never to be seen again Veyron to be built...out pops another - each more tasteless than the last.
I have to say that painting a car black and white doesn't suggest concert pianist to me.....looks more 'Chi Chi the Panda in my eyes. Just needs some Bamboo sticking out of a suitable orifice!

25 February 2014
".looks more 'Chi Chi the Panda"

or even worse, a police car

25 February 2014
They obviously feel there are some wealthy Chinese about and this will appeal to their nationalistic side...

8 March 2014
Are you sure they didn't name it after Holden's Lang Lang test track near Melbourne? Would at least seem more appropriate than a pianist. Apparently the high-speed banked track is quite good, so at least you'd get to make use of all that horsepower.


9 March 2014
... it's still f'ugly.

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