Currently reading: Bugatti reveals Meo Constantini-inspired 'Legend'
Latest entry in the six-strong 'Legends' series by Bugatti features custom Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

Bugatti has shown the latest in its Legends series of modified Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse models.

The third model in the six-part series is dedicated to Meo Constantini, a close friend of founder Ettore Bugatti and double Targa Florio champion.

The car, which features styling designed to remind drivers of the Type 35 Bugatti in which Constantini competed is limited to three production units, each priced at £1.7 million.

Exterior features include a painted silhouette of the original Targa Florio race course painted on the underside of the rear wing, while the bespoke paintwork represents France's classic blue racing colours.

Inside, the car gets bespoke leather trim with blue stitching. Seats are embroidered with Meo Constantini's signature, while an aluminium plate again commemorates the Targa Florio route. Vintage motifs are also laser engraved into the leather door trim. 

The previous two models in the series, one inspired by Jean Bugatti and the other commemorating driver Jean-Pierre Wilmille, were revealed earlier this year.

The car will be shown for the first time at the Dubai International motor show.


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jmd67 5 November 2013

When you look at how tight

When you look at how tight and sharp the P1 is the Bug looks like a bit of a lorry in comparison. It also now looks fundamentally flawed by the very thing that made it unique, it's top speed. To chase that incredible top speed they had to make it so heavy that it's only really god at that one thing. Like the 21 stone 7ft Russian boxer from a few years back, massively powerful but gets beaten by less powerful but much nimbler opponents. Jeez, you could have a P1 and a 918 for the price of this thing...
soldi 5 November 2013

VW is destroying the Veyron legend by doing this

VW has consistently told us the Veyron was 'sold out', 'more customers than production', 'limited supply', etc. Now they are creating special editions to move stock. What a joke. Ironic that this Legend series is helping to destroy the legend of the product itself.
Bullfinch 5 November 2013

Oh good

Another tasteless limited edition. The Germans need to stop chasing petrodollars in this stale, slavish manner and produce something with a wow factor or - go on, do us all a favour - stop flushing the Bugatti name down the loo. This thing is NOTHING like a Type 35, and who even remembers Meo Constantini?