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Information will be used to rate public charging providers, helping drivers pick the best ones to use
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10 June 2021

What Car? has launched a survey to find the best and worst places to charge electrified vehicles in the UK.

The information from the survey will be used by What Car? to rate public charging companies, which in turn will help consumers pick the best ones with which to charge their cars.

Take the What Car? Electric Car Charging Survey here 

Questions include how often drivers use public chargers, which brands of charger they use and whether they feel this offers good value for money. The survey is accessible here and only takes a short while to complete.

The survey is prompted by the increased uptake of plug-in hybrid and electric cars in the wake of the UK government’s planned 2030 ban on new ICE car sales, which is anticipated to dramatically reduce the number of ICE cars on British roads.

As more people switch to electrified cars, it is vital that there’s the right infrastructure to charge them quickly and easily.

The UK public charging network has grown fivefold since 2015, according to recent statistics from the Department of Transport.

However, despite the UK now having 20,000-odd public EV chargers, including more than 3000 rapid units, EV charging is still arguably hit and miss.

What Car? consumer editor Claire Evans said: "More people will be relying on the UK's electric car public charging network in the next few years, and they will need to know which companies offer the highest level of service and best value for money."

Earlier this year, Autocar undertook an investigation into charging which revealed that despite strong overall trends, many networks are inconsistent.

The What Car? survey aims to add to this data to build a more detailed image of the UK's EV charging.


Take the What Car? Electric Car Charging Survey here 

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xxxx 11 June 2021

My suggestion Bill is 95% of people will charge 95% of time at home whilst they are asleep, at least for the next 10 years. Afterwhich charge speed will become more important than absolute range once most bevs have a minimum of 225 miles range.

Bill Lyons 10 June 2021

There are about 80,000 individual petrol pumps in the UK. But no one seems the slightest bit interested in figuring out how many individual charging points we need in this country to have a comparable 'refueling network' for BEVs. Contrary to what is stated in the article, there are almost 40,000 charging points in the UK. However, given that BEVs have to stop far more often and for far longer, I suspect 'CHARGE POINT RAGE' will soon become part of our everyday vernacular. (Unless someone can think of something more catchy!)

Any suggestions?