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McLaren Automotive boss talks down supercar rival

McLaren Automotive boss Ron Dennis has described the Bugatti Veyron as "pig ugly".

Talking to Arabian Business magazine, Dennis said: "The Bugatti Veyron is a complete piece of junk. I think it is… I can look at a Bugatti and I think it is pig ugly."

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McLaren’s all-new MP4-12C supercar goes on sale early next year. It is being billed as cleaner, lighter and more powerful than all its supercar rivals.

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Peter Cavellini 24 June 2010

Re: Dennis: 'Veyron is pig ugly'

As opposed to plagerism?, maybe Ron should look at the 458 Italia before he throws stones around. eh?

jolz24 24 June 2010

Re: Dennis: 'Veyron is pig ugly'

mr dennis is certainly right about the veyron. you can count on one hand aesthetically pleasing car these days and the mclaren mp4 12c is'nt one of them either!!

Los Angeles 15 April 2010

Re: Dennis: 'Veyron is pig ugly'

"Too much free time these days Ron?" FR3000

Did Dennis take time off work to compose a press release and then disseminate it to newspapers? I presume he was overheard making the alleged remark. If so, he might regret the unguarded moment.

In any event, there's plenty agree with him. Many must be long time VW workers made redundant.