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McLaren confirms power and torque figures for all-new supercar - on sale 2011 from less than £175k

McLaren’s all-new MP4-12C supercar will be lighter, greener, more efficient and more powerful than both its key rivals, the Ferrari 458 Italia and Mercedes SLS AMG, when it arrives in UK showrooms early next year.

The MP4 is now entering its final stages of development - having completed more than one million test miles on five continents - and building work is underway at the McLaren Production Centre where the car will be built from early 2011, although initial production will commence at the McLaren Technology Centre later this year.

McLaren will only build sportcarsMcLaren: 'F1 boosts road car'See the new McLaren MP4-12C pics

The MP4 has been given a target price of less than £175,000, and company boss Ron Dennis has pledged that buyers will not only get the fastest car money can buy, but also the highest build quality and highest level of dealer and aftersales support from any car manufacturer.

Initially 35 dealers will be set up worldwide - whittled down from an intial shortlist of 600. Cars will be available to order in two to three months time according to McLaren, which it has already had 1600 serious expressions of interest in buying the car.

MD Anthony Sheriff also stressed that McLaren has no desire to become a volume manufacturer: "We do not want the volumes of our rivals," he said, "we want exclusivity."

The MP4’s Ricardo-developed twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre 90-degree V8 engine will rev to 8500rpm, with its maximum 592bhp output arriving at 7000rpm. The peak 442lb ft of torque is available from 3000rpm, although 80 per cent is available between 2000-6500rpm. By comparison, the 458 produces 562bhp and 398lb ft and the SLS 563bhp and 479lb ft from their V8 engines.

McLaren says the car will travel from 0-124mph in less than ten seconds, and stopp from 124mph in less than five seconds. It will stop from 100mph in 30 metres - or seven car lengths.

McLaren also says the MP4’s CO2 emissions will be sub-300g/km, less than the 458’s 307g/km and SLS’s 314g/km.

Power is sent to the rear wheels of through a bespoke twin-clutch seven-speed gearbox. Gears are selected using an F1-style aluminium rocker style that pivots off the centre of the steering wheel. Normal, sport and track driving modes are selectable within two different customisable configurations. H (Handling) alters the steering weight, stability control and suspension and roll stiffness while P (Powertrain) alters throttle response, engine acoustics and gearshift times and feel.

It uses a carbon composite monocoque to help keep weight to a minimum. McLaren claims the MP4 has a dry weight of less than 1300kg and lightweight materials have been used wherever possible to save weight, including the brakes, wiring and bodywork. Even with fluids on board, McLaren says the MP4 will be lighter than the 1485kg 458 and the 1620kg SLS.

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At 4507mm long, 1908mm wide, 1199mm high and with a wheelbase of 2670mm, the MP4 is smaller than both of its key rivals. Despite this, McLaren claims there will be class-leading interior comfort, function and space. Interior features include a portrait 7-inch touch screen and Wi-Fi.

The two-seater has a 43:57 weight distribution. McLaren says this distribution, rather than a 50:50 one, helps reduce the understeer that’s normally associated with mid-engined cars.

Much of the design and development work has been carried out by employees from McLaren’s F1 racing team. F1 tech employed includes an electronic differential system, a brake steer system and an air brake that can be employed to increase downforce.

Its design has been aerodynamics-led, meaning the car has undergone extensive development work in McLaren’s wind tunnel, its F1 simulator and using CFD. Several electronic systems have also been passed down from the F1 team.

McLaren boss Ron Dennis also reiterated that the McLaren MP4-12C is only the first car in a range that the company plans to build. "This is the first step in a range," he said.

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Ektor 22 March 2010

Re: McLaren MP4 - new details + pics

Dear Twyford,

Just a to clear a couple of details:

"Do you send the same complaints to Ferrari over the 355, 430, 599, etc etc?"

Ferrari has used a number designation from day one (quite different from their F1 race cars, by the way), but usually followed by a name, such as the 250 Testarossa, 375 Daytona, 430 Modena, 599 Fiorano and now 458 Italia. Some really inspired, some less, but they don't just stick to an F1/internal project designation.

" I thought they spoke quite extensively about the customer experience and network, how things would be handled."

One thing is how they'd like to do it and quite another doing it and proving that they can deliver on a global basis. The main players have that -mostly- covered, and it certainly will be a cause for concern for any potential customer.

kdwilcox 21 March 2010

Re: McLaren MP4 - new details + pics


Lets wait and see what a road test tells us before we

go over the top.

All we have on the MP4 is hype,lots of it,lets see what

the road test team can do with it.

Also we need a test on the 458 to see what that can do,and

don't forget the M600.

If you want performance thats the one to buy,ok,you may not

like the look of it,but by god does it go,yes,big time!

cornflakes99 21 March 2010

Re: McLaren MP4 - new details + pics

Les Paul wrote:
The engine is made by Mahle Powertrain, a Cosworth company, in Northampton

No it isn't, it's a joint development between McLaren Automotive & Ricardo (Veyron gearbox maker), Mahle Powertain (an Ex-Cosworth company) has nothing to do with it.

And for other Poster's regarding performance it's 0-125-0 in 15sec, impressive I'd say!