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This week, we take a look at Lamborghini’s conservation projects and Renault’s low-speed EV sounds. But first, we ask the three Korean manufacturers how different their cars are to drive…

We are not the same

001 Genesis gv60 front cornering 2022 0

How do European Hyundai, Kia and Genesis cars differ in terms of dynamics? Chief engineer Tyrone Johnson explained: “Hyundai tends to be a little more comfort-oriented. Kia tends to be more progressive, sporty, responsive. For Genesis, it’s luxurious, high-level comfort while keeping the dynamics.” He added: “It takes double the amount of time to develop a Genesis than a Kia or a Hyundai.”

Jarre in your car

98 Jean michel jarre

Synthesiser-music legend Jean-Michel Jarre’s role as a Renault ambassador has taken on a new dimension, with the firm’s CEO asking him to create a distinctive low-speed sound for EVs. “It’s his specialism, so it seemed obvious to ask,” said Luca de Meo. With Hans Zimmer already crafting similar soundtracks for BMW, we’re only a guitarist and a drummer away from having the EV supergroup we’ve always wanted.

Sting operation

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97 Lamborghini badge bee

From B-sharp to beehive now in Sant’Agata, where 600,000 bees are being used to monitor air quality. In partnership with the Audi Environmental Foundation, Lamborghini has fitted wind, temperature and humidity monitors in hives and scales that check if enough nectar and pollen is being collected – part of its commitment to “ecosystem safeguarding”.

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