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30 July 2019

This week, we've been hearing how Mercedes-AMG will make sure its future models retain a distinctive 'voice', why Audi's new SQ8 has won over a harsh SUV critic, and more. 

Free Radicals? Not quite...

Radical director Andreas Zielke thinks a big part of the appeal of his company’s models is their relative affordability, made possible by carefully controlled development costs. “At other car makers, people wouldn’t lift a pen for the amount of money that’s gone into this car,” he said about the new Rapture. The car, with a 0-60mph time of 3.0sec, costs £89,500.

AMG sounds out new noises

Mercedes-AMG is asking music industry experts to help keep a ‘signature’ AMG soundtrack on future electrified models, according to development boss Steffen Jastrow. “The engine sound is a very important effect for our customers, and that gives us a challenge. We’re thinking about how to do this: we won’t make a fake V8 sound in an electric car, that’s for sure,” he said. 

Audi’s hot new SUV is a drifter


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Doesn’t offer as much pace or fun-factor as some in the class, but does technology, dynamic versatility, refinement and cruising range better than most.

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The air suspension and anti-roll system fitted to the new Audi SQ8 makes it feel more like a performance car than an SUV, according to chassis product manager William Wijts. “The key challenge is balancing the weight and the systems,” he said. “With the anti-roll, you can tune this car and make it oversteer. It’s a fun car: I don’t normally like SUVs, but you can get some big slides in the SQ8.” 

The friendly face of technology

The Civic Mk1-inspired styling of the Honda E is intended to make its new electric technology feel more familiar to buyers, according to project chief Kohei Hitomi. He said: “It’s similar to [Honda’s] Asimo robot. That was designed to be childlike and friendly, so people will accept it more.”

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30 July 2019

........ yes, that ability to drift must be really high in buyers 'must have' buying list!

Kids/Dogs/Family luggage etc. all mashed up  (with a sprinkling of vomit) in the back. All the essentials to SUV ownership.....someone needs to get real at Audi ffs.

How long will the tyres endure this behaviour with nearly two and a half tons of mass I wonder -before they melt!

30 July 2019

This car is really a unique and all the features are awesome. I feel nice to read about the car news. I like the styling inside and out, so much more modern than the blobby third gen (current) version which isn't a patch on the second. poor work performance policy

31 July 2019

how very Citroen 30 years ago

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