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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up this week's gossip from across the automotive industry

This week's snippets of automotive news include news on Isral being a technology hub, the Honda Clarity FCV, Mercedes-Benz A-Class buyers and Citroen electrification. 

Israel technolgy hub:

The car industry views Israel as a technology hub in the making, according to Skoda’s head of corporate development and digitalisation, Andre Wehner. Moreover, the country is viewed as the world leader in cyber security tech – one of the most important emerging areas in autonomous car development.

Honda Clarity FCV:

The Honda Clarity FCV fuel cell model is “quite a number of years away” from being offered in Britain, according to UK boss David Hodgetts. The current car is sold in only low volumes in a limited number of California dealerships. “The rare metals make it almost impossible to do commercially,” said Hodgetts, adding: “We’re working on it.”

Mercedes-Benz A-Class:

Sixty percent of A-Class buyers are first- time Mercedes customers, and 70% of them stay with the model when replacing their car, according to the firm. It also revealed that, between 2011 and 2017, A-Class buyers were 10 years younger than the brand’s average. In China, one in three buyers is under 30 and half are women. Two-fifths of European buyers are women.

Electric Citroens:

All new Citroens launched after 2020 will be offered with an electrified version. Company boss Linda Jackson said the firm will start to offer electric models within existing ranges rather than as stand-alones such as the C-Zero in the future: “We will move to having ranges offering electric, diesel, petrol and plug-in versions.”

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Bazzer 8 May 2018

The thing is...

The thing is...

Why aren't car journalists saying anything about Japanese car design - why are they all keeping quiet?  There's an unwritten rule among radio DJs that they never really criticise a song, but I fail to see how there's any code among journalists.  For crying out loud, you journalists, start calling them out!  You know Mitsubishi lost the plot along with Honda, you know the Prius is so bad it's scary, and you know full well that the Nissan Leaf isn't going to win any styling awards, so start saying it as it is, rather than leaving it to us.  Car style is a huge part of buying a car and, as someone here points out, if you don't look back at your car after you parked it then you've bought the wrong car.  The only good thing about a BMW X1 or X3 is that while inside, you can't see how ugly it is.

Bazzer 8 May 2018

That Honda could curdle milk

That Honda could curdle milk from 100 yards away.  Just how could anyone who calls themselves a car designer come up with that awful-looking monstrosity?  It makes the Allegro look as though Pinifarina did it.