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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up a week in gossip from across the automotive industry

This week, our reporters have been quizzing the man in charge of Cupra over what else he drives, finding out what brand leaders really think autonomous cars, and asking if hydrogen is getting closer to the mainstream. 

A Cupra collection

What does Seat and Cupra boss Wayne Griffiths drive when he’s not in his company car? “I’ve got a Mk1 1966 Jaguar E-Type convertible in red,” the Brit told us proudly, showing us a picture on his phone. We would, too, if we lived near the Spanish coast.

Autonomy has its advantages

97 Vw autonomous pod

“Everybody loves to steer cars, to have fun, but sometimes it’s boring.” Bluntly put, perhaps, but Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter is keen to extol the benefits of self-driving tech. “In the future, you can decide what you want to do with the additional quality time we are giving our customers,” he said, suggesting traffic jams could soon provide extra chances to work or relax.

Hydrogen less of a wallet drain

95 Hyundai nexo

Hyundai wants to make hydrogen fuel cell vehicles more affordable, but they’re already far cheaper than they used to be. Sae Hoon Kim, who heads Hyundai’s fuel cell centre, said: “In the past, the cost of a fuel cell vehicle was extremely expensive. For example, the cost of the fuel cell system applied toa prototype vehicle in early 2003 was triple the price of my house in Seoul. However, in 2006, the cost was reduced by half.” The 2013 Tucson FCEV’s powertrain, he said, cost around 10% of the 2003 system.


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Living in a simulation

94 Simulator

BMW has openend a new £77 million building at its Fiz R&D centre dedicated solely to simulators. There are 14 devices in total (unrelated to the picture above), the two largest of which are claimed to be the world’s most advanced. The biggest, called Sapphire Space, covers 400 square metres and weighs 83 tonnes.

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artill 5 October 2021

Sounds like Wayne Griffiths has good taste in old cars. If only the company he is in charge of made cars someone would be equally proud to own in 55 years time..........

Leyesa 5 October 2021

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scrap 5 October 2021

I don't believe the car companies are being honest about autonomous vehicles. For a car to be truly autonomous, it needs to know what it's doing and what all the other vehicles near it are doing. This means doing away with unpredictable, unreadable human drivers. The future is roads - motorways first, probably - where human drivers are banned and the only way to access it is in a fully autonomous vehicle.