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Cute electric car harks back to the sixties

Honda has used the tiny N360 hatch of the 1960s as inspiration for its cute EV-N concept, which is displayed at the Tokyo motor show.

The EV-N has been deliberately styled not to look like a production car, because Honda isn't going to build a small electric car any time soon, according to company insiders.

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Honda believes battery electric cars are only of any use as commuter cars, which is why the EV-N is so small. It sees fuel cells as the long-term future, with hybrids as the stop gap.

Barely longer than a Smart Fortwo, the four-seat EV-N concept has a lithium ion battery pack, a step up from the metal hydride cells in the CR-Z.

Officially the EV-N is simply “one of many” possible proposals for a future Honda electric city car.

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Also new is the HELLO (Honda Electric Mobility Loop) communications system for car-to-car interaction. Its handheld console can also tell you how much battery charge the car has left and how much longer your parking is good for.

The car received a very positive reaction at Tokyo, although that doesn't mean it's going to be built.

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uk_supercar_fan 30 September 2009

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"Also new is the HELLO (Honda Electric Mobility Loop) communications system for car-to-car interaction"

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