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'1009' due for release later this month; insiders say it's "experimental"
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8 September 2010

Peugeot has issued a triple whammy of teaser images for a forthcoming concept - but Autocar sources say the car in question won't make it to the Paris motor show at the end of the month.

The shadowy images reveal little about the shape of the car - referred to by the firm as '1009' - although the side profile image does indicate that it may lack a windscreen, and sport a large rear wing.

See the official teaser pics of the new Peugeot concept

The name means the concept is likely to be small, and our sources have suggested that it is "experimental"; that almost certainly means an all-electric or hybrid powertrain instead of a regular combustion engine.

Peugeot's teaser campaign indicates that the vehicle will be revealed on 21 September. That's less than 10 days before the press day for the Paris motor show, but insiders suggest that the 1009 won't be present on the firm's stand.

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8 September 2010

well i was interested, but then i looked at the pictures and i am none the wiser.

So this is something i cant see, i dont know what type of car it is. really i know no more than i did before.

One thought. Is it going to be a Renault Wind competitor. That would be good

8 September 2010

What is the point of these "teaser" pics?

"Look, this is our new upcoming car, photographed from silly angles in a dark room"

8 September 2010

It's something they've snapped together for the next Transformers movie.

Whatever it is, like the RCZ (does anyone know what that means, yet), I hope it isn't a cracking design that hangs around for the best part of a decade, is then finally released, with the mug of an already aged mainstream range and looks as dated as the rest of them.

8 September 2010

There is next to nothing to see in this teaser picture, although i will take your word for it if you say it has no windscreen and a big rear wing so it sounds more promising than the last pug with 00 in its name, which was a waste of metal.

8 September 2010

They need to pay their photographers a bit more, so they can afford some better lighting.

Pretty meaningless, really.

9 September 2010

1009 A replacement for the 1007 maybe . Why not name it 1008 like why go to 9 already mad Peugeot . And it would not excatly be a very catchy name for a sports car now would it .

9 September 2010

A replacement for the 1007 maybe . Why not call it 1008 do instead off using 9 already like . Peugeot whats that about . 1009 is hardly a catchy name like for a coupe or sports car now is it .

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