Currently reading: Volkswagen plans new twin-turbo VR6 engine
Volkswagen develops new twin-turbo VR6 engine from Design Vision GTI concept, develops up to 450bhp

Volkswagen is pushing ahead with a new direct-injection V6 petrol engine, sources have revealed.

Development of the new unit, a replacement for the discontinued VR6, is being overseen by VW’s new head of engine development, Fritz Eichler, the man behind the current generation of AMG powerplants. It continues with a swept volume of 3.0 litres and 15deg cylinder bank angle.

The new engine will have forced induction. VW insiders hint at a twin-turbo set-up, as previewed in the Design Vision GTI concept.

The concept’s transverse twin-turbo 3.0-litre VR6 produced 496bhp and 413lb ft. Production versions are described as being less heavily tuned, with between 340bhp and 450bhp. 

The new VR6 is set to be used in a number of new VWs, including replacements for the Volkswagen Passat and Passat CC and the production version of the CrossBlue, driven in prototype form here.

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MikeSpencer 28 September 2013

New Golf VR6?

I doubt it when the upcoming Golf R is already packing 296bhp and 4WD. There's a limit on how much power can be reasonably added to any car, as Peter Cavellini said. But a new super-Passat saloon, estate and CC does make sense. VW have form in this area with their R36 4Motion.

Peter Cavellini 28 September 2013

He is strong this one.........?

Strong enough?,seems there's an arms race in the hot hatch department too,how much power do we want in cars with such a short wheelbase?.

Engelbert Humpe... 28 September 2013

Agreed, Peter. Would much

Agreed, Peter. Would much rather see a strong 4 cyl like the unit in the current R's, and weight no more than 1200..

And yes, I think it's wishful thinking too, but that Chewbacca burble to the old r32s was pretty rad.

artill 28 September 2013

Another mass market V6 is

Another mass market V6 is good news. A less powerful version would be good though, 340 bhp isnt very mass market.