Currently reading: Volkswagen accused of manipulating test results in South Korea
The German car maker allegedly fabricated emissions and noise test results to secure approval to import models including the Golf GTD and Audi RS7

Volkswagen is facing allegations that it manipulated emissions and noise tests in order to import German vehicles to South Korea, according to a news agency in the country.

The manufacturer’s South Korean unit allegedly falsified 37 emission and noise-level results to secure approval to import 26 models, dating back to August 2010 from February last year.

Yonhap News Agency claims the models affected include the Volkswagen Golf GTD and Audi RS7. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office is thought to be summoning company officials this week to question them.

It is alleged that the manufacturer submitted existing test results of similar models before the new model results were received in a bid to fast-track launches and save money, according to Yonhap.

A spokesman from Volkswagen Germany said: “We do not comment on ongoing investigations. Audi Volkswagen Korea fully cooperates with all relevant authorities.”

Volkswagen has begun recalling cars in the UK to apply a software fix on its vehicles affected by the emissions scandal.

Nissan denies accusations of emissions cheating in South Korea.

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fadyady 14 June 2016


I had thought it is now well established that Volkswagen and subsidiaries including Audi/Porsche and the riff raff have been manipulating emissions tests for their diesel and petrol engines. The matter now under investigation is who done it? Not if they did it or as if they did it. Volkswagen has admitted wrong doing. That is why they are "fixing" their cars in Europe to bring them into compliance with ridiculously lax German/EU emissions standards. While suitably and justifiably facing paying hefty fines and compensations in the US because the same cars have been found to be un-fix-able.