Currently reading: Radical rethink for Fiat Punto
The Fiat Punto could morph into a larger version of the Panda because of intense competition, says design boss

The Fiat Punto is likely to be reinvented as part of the Fiat Panda family, due to increased competition in the supermini sector.

The Punto’s future has been uncertain for some time. Europe’s average supermini price of about £8000 has made it uneconomical to continue production in its current form when the model is replaced.

As a result, Fiat’s head of global design, Lorenzo Ramaciotti, has hinted that a more radical rethink is likely.

“At present, the only valid reason for having the Punto is market share,” he said. “To produce an all-new car when you can’t be sure you’ll get the revenues back is a very tough decision to make. 

“It may be that we have to think differently and create a vehicle that’s in line with our price expectations.”

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Jimbbobw1977 2 November 2013


I had a Grande Punto for 5 years. Nice car to look at and the interior wasnt to bad at all. It was quick and fairly economical. However it was just riddles with design issues that kept causing problems, such as water dripping onto the alternator and top mounts, wires that snap in the doors. I wanted it to be a brilliant cat but it wasnt, meaning ive probably had my last fiat.
Mini2 2 November 2013


I remember how radical the Mk2 Punto seemed when it was introduced in 1999. The edgy, angular styling and trendy seat fabrics and body colours ensured it was popular with young people and they seemed to be flying off the shelves. Then some numpty got involved and ruined it with the facelift. Next thing, the Grande Punto arrived. Attractive but I seem to remember every single motoring magazine slating its interior quality and uneconomical engines. Then we had that funny Punto Evo and then it was renamed Punto again, rekindling some of the original Grande Punto's styling at the nose. If Fiat had the vision for the Punto that they have had all along with the supremely successful 500, then they could make a real go of it. They've always been known for producing great small cars (including the Multipla - it was shorter than a Bravo after all - just a pity that the public were too scared to take it seriously... ironically we now see thousands driving around in similarly zany Nissan Jukes 13 years later). Rethink this decision, Fiat - the current Panda doesn't seem to have been quite as successful as the last one. Turn it around!
Flash Harry 2 November 2013

I don't understand how Fiat

I don't understand how Fiat have let the Punto wither from European best seller to also ran in one model cycle.The Punto should be the flagship for the Fiat brand.They should evolve the styling in a Golf way and on a new platform.