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Drayson Racing sets a new benchmark for sub-999kg electric vehicles, as Caterham confirms it will enter the 2014 Moto2 Championship

Drayson Racing has set a new world electric land speed record for sub-999kg vehicles. Lord Paul Drayson drove the racer at an average speed of 205.139mph at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, beating his previous run of 204.185mph. The average speed was taken from two runs performed within an hour. The record has yet to be verified by the FIA.

Infiniti has started building its new production facility in Sunderland. The new site, which marks the first bespoke Infiniti production factory in Europe, is a £250 million investment for the company and will create 1000 jobs in total. The new Q30 will be one of the first models to be produced at the site.

Caterham has confirmed it will enter the Moto2 World Championship in 2014. The company will enter the racing season with American rider Josh Herrin taking one of the two available spots. The move to enter two-wheeled racing as well as four has been described as the "natural next step" for the company.

Twisted reports that sales enquiries for its tuned Land Rover Defender have increased by a third. The rise has been put down to news that Land Rover will halt production of the Defender in 2015. The company says it will be producing Twisted Defenders for "a long time to come".

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