Currently reading: Newly discovered Volkswagen Touareg emissions device sparks recall
Almost 58,000 cars with the 3.0-litre diesel engine are affected

Volkswagen is recalling Volkswagen Touareg SUVs fitted with its 3.0-litre diesel engine following the discovery of an emissions cheat device.

More than two years after Volkswagen admitted to developing software to elude emissions test limits, the company is recalling 57,600 affected cars to adjust their engine management software.

Autocar is awaiting confirmation from Volkswagen as to how many UK cars are affected.

Germany’s transport authority, KBA, said that tests show the Touareg ran differently when tested in NEDC laboratory conditions than when it was tested on the road, suggesting the car has a system in place to improve its result in tests.

Cars featuring the optional selective catalytic reduction systems, which are added to lower emissions, were also shown to use reduced levels of AdBlue when not in test conditions. This would help the cars produce lower levels of nitrogen oxide in test conditions.

The Touareg was recalled just last year for a bearing bracket issue on its pedals. In total, 391,000 cars were recalled – of which 17,219 were from Britain – to receive a fix.

The news is revealed in the same month that Volkswagen UK boss Paul Willis told the Transport Select Committee that no models issued with emissions cheat device fixes have developed “systematic” issues.

This comes in the face of evidence, some of it collected by Autocar, that showed post-fix cars can suffer from worsened fuel economy and increased CO2 output. A report by the Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum said that owners of models with the 2.0-litre diesel fix had also experienced breakdowns and mechanical issues.

Volkswagen has applied its fix to 820,000 cars since the emissions scandal came to light in September 2015. The company said it has handled 16,904 complaints and that “fewer than 1% of UK customers who own affected Volkswagen Group vehicles” have reported any issues after receiving the fix.

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405line 13 December 2017


What has to be appreciated is that people that drive VAG products are essentially "sheep motorists", that is to say they believe VAG makes good cars. In addition to this the journalists themselves are big VW lovers, often recounting tales of their turgid VW GTi when the enlightened amongst us all drove french etc etc etc. Ban VAG from UK sales. I am glad I never owned anything from VAG. Anyone who has watched VAG over the last 15 years may not be surprised because VAG seemed to have no end of new and amazing technology such as things like "dynamic steering" as an optiona extra for their supposed top of the line drivers cars like the "RS5" everyone else just makes good steering included for the price especially if it's a "top-of-the-line", not this you have to pay for "dynamic steering" meanwhile VAG can't even engineer a diesel engine. The government should consider this manufacturer as a threat to UK "citizens" health.

Roadster 13 December 2017

How many more reasons are needed before we stop buying VWs?

If the poor quality and reliability of cars from Volkswagen weren't a warning enough for people not to buy them in the first place, sure dieselgate and this latest spin-off issue with the 3.0 engine must surely be a wake up call. Their cars are proven to be poorly designed and engineered, especially in light of dieselgate, while VW can't be trusted. It's time for people to stop being fooled by VW's propaganda about quality and sophistication and walkaway from them.

289 13 December 2017

Such rubbish being written

People are'nt that sheep-like in their mentality, if the car was badly designed and unreliable they wouldnt buy another, so the loyalty factor (which is enormous in VW's case) wouldnt exist.

Oh....wait a minute I have just blown my argument to pieces....maybe buyers are sheep-like....after all they keep buying Land Rover product despite shit quality control and ridiculous premium pricing for a non-premium product!!

I have had countless VW models as second cars....they have all been thouroughly reliable, well built and enjoyable to drive....with excellent residual values and a ready supply of potential buyers even when some huge mileages have been racked-up.....thats why people keep buying VW product.

Look on any used-car forecourt....the trade tells it all. used VW's are 'money in the bank' for a car dealer.

A few extra emissions and a frenzy whipped up by US lawyers smelling an opportunity to enjoy the next feeding frenzy and US car manufacturers seeing an opportunity to win back some business for their home built crap cars, wont change a thing.

fadyady 13 December 2017


It is not really newly discovered. Is it? How can it be newly discovered if Volkswagen has already compensated its US customers for manipulating the same engines. The corrupt EU are simply treating this whole issue with a ding-a-ling approach, giving Volkswagen the opportunity to get away with this monumental act of corruption without any penalty inside the European Union. If the Volkswagen or EU were serious in controlling the emissions, they will at least install larger urea tanks to clean up the extra NOX.