Currently reading: Volkswagen pledges to rectify problems caused by Dieselgate software fix
German brand tells owners it will carefully consider complaints made for cars with fewer than 160,000 miles on the clock
Sam Sheehan
2 mins read
22 August 2017

Volkswagen is offering to 'very carefully' assess complaints from customers who have had its emissions fix applied to their cars in a bid to boost confidence in the new engine management software.

The plan, which was reported by Autocar in June, is outlined in letters being sent to customers, confirming that it is now being rolled out across the country.

Volkswagen is promising to evaluate potential issues relating to cars that have fewer than 160,000 miles on the clock and have received the fix within the past 24 months.

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The letter says that if Volkswagen finds a problem has been caused by the software change, it will “act responsibly and swiftly, in line with its goodwill policy, to respond to the consumers' reasonable concerns”.

This comes despite the brand's claims that the technical fix, which has been rolled out to more than 4.7 million Volkswagen Group cars worldwide in the wake of the Dieselgate emissions scandal, will have no adverse effect on engine running.

A test by Autocar earlier this year revealed that post-fix cars can suffer from worsened fuel economy and increased CO2 output, while a report by the Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum said that owners of models with the 2.0-litre diesel fix had also experienced breakdowns and mechanical issues.

Volkswagen disputed the findings, stating: “Far fewer than 1% of UK customers who own affected Volkswagen Group vehicles that have received the technical measures have reported any issues.

“That means that more than 99% of customers are satisfied with the application of technical measures, which of course are carried out free of charge. We make it a priority to look at the vehicles of the very small proportion of customers who report any issues.”

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5 June 2017
"Volkswagen pledges to rectify problems" so are they are going to swap their customers cars for BMW's? - no other way to make a silk purse out of their sows ear.

5 June 2017
I'm amazed that they're even admitting there may be problems with this fix, they've robustly denied it so far. It reminds me of the way they repeatedly denied the 'cheat' in the first place for 9 months or so, and only admitted to it when they were pushed into a corner.

5 June 2017
20%, that is how much Diesel cars sales fell last month,Diehard Dieselists have lost faith in cars with this Engine type in it,even the fix wasn't well received with report it was doing more damage to some Cars,granted VW isn't the only one the finger has been pointed at,but they were the ones found out.

5 June 2017
Should have banded together via Social networks and refused updates unless they got at least a free service. To late now as the damage has been done, so to speak.

5 June 2017
If the problem is caused by the software ugrade- all the poor saps who had the upgrade then had their EGR fail (at £800) have been told it's pure coincidence. No mention of the fact that the engines now being forced to work at very different tolerances compared to when it rolled off the production line. I wouldn't let VW anywhere near my golf.

5 June 2017
Looks like not enough Volkswagen owners are turning up for the KBA-approved software update or is it possible that the possibility has occurred to the VW bosses that it is likely that even a customer gullible enough to buy a Volkswagen may be right? What a degrading fiasco? If Volkswagen could muzzle the ferocious dog that its PR has become then it is only common sense that after the update the cars various components are having to work hard instead of stay dormant so the wear and tear has increased. VW should at least offer extended warranty to the poor souls who made the mistake to buy their faulty products. That's the least a respectable company would do.

5 June 2017
'Trust building measures' did you ever hear
such a load of utter crap. unbelievably naive of such a massive company to think that they can try to rebuild trust with the thousands of affected customers at this stage. We are simply laughing at their pathetic attempts to re-engage with us. The dealers need to hold heads in shame as they perpetuate the 'won't do any harm to your car' rubbish because it's so financially rewarding for them to do so. Dealers need to stand up for the customers and force VW to reverse the fix until they get an update that actually works. The 'goodwill' measures are meaningless. If you are considering getting the recall done, I'd advise you don't. I've had nothing but heartache and denials from VW and the dealer who did it.

6 June 2017
A software update would never of just fixed the cars anyway - if that was the case they wouldn't of implemented the device, they were simply either incapable of making the engines comply or were saving money by using cheaper parts.

Either way it is well and truly biting them hard. The issues post update are well documented with owners some being left in dangerous situations with loss of power.

Most VAG cars are having a drop in quality these days in an attempt to save money - this is also now creeping into the once perceived quality of the interiors. I urge anyone who disagrees to check out the nasty hard plastic on the rear doors of a Tiguan, the Nasty plastics on the front doors of the Q2, the issues the new A5 is having with the windows not dropping when opening door that Audi are scratching heads trying to work a repair out.... etc etc

6 June 2017
VW's handling of this crisis puts me off buying another brand new Volkswagen.

6 June 2017
…and it would put me off buying a secondhand one that's had this so-called 'fix'. VW will reap the consequences of its corporate greed.


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