Currently reading: Ford launches scrappage scheme for pre-Euro 5 vehicles
Brand will pay £2000 for cars of Euro 1 to Euro 4 emissions if they’re swapped for a Euro 6 Ford

Ford is launching a scrappage scheme to encourage people to purchase newer, cleaner models of Euro 6 specification.

The initiative, which runs from 1 September to 31 December, will pay owners of Euro 1 to Euro 4 cars and vans (sold up to around 2010) £2000 for their vehicle if they buy a new Ford. The company said the scheme aims to remove as many older vehicles from Britain’s roads as possible, replacing them with Euro 6-compliant cars.

Opinion: who will really benefit from the scrappage schemes?

According to Society of Motor Manufacturer and Traders data, there are 19.3 million vehicles that are of pre-Euro 5 emission levels on Britain’s roads. Ford claims that if all of those models were swapped for Euro 6 cars, national CO2 output would fall by 15 million tons per year.

The £2000 payment offered for older vehicles will be added to any existing deals. Ford already offers £2000 off the Ford Kuga, so along with the scrappage scheme funding, that would bring the total saving up to £4000. The biggest saving offered with a new Ford, £5000 off a Transit van, brings the total saving possible for that model to £7000.

“Ford shares society’s concerns over air quality,” said Ford of Britain managing director Andy Barratt. “Removing generations of the most polluting vehicles will have the most immediate positive effect on air quality, and this Ford scrappage scheme aims to do just that.

“We don’t believe incentivising sales of new cars goes far enough and we will ensure that all trade-in vehicles are scrapped. Acting together, we can take hundreds of thousands of the dirtiest cars off our roads and out of our cities.”

Ford’s move comes in the same month that Mercedes-Benz and BMW launched their own trade-in schemes to encourage drivers to switch to cleaner cars. The Volkswagen Group, Opel and Fiat Chrysler have also launched trade-in systems in Germany, but these have yet to make it to Britain.

However, Ford’s scheme is unique because it pledges to scrap all cars involved, rather than selling on some models and scrapping only those of low value.

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jagdavey 22 August 2017

In Germany Ford are offering up to 8000 Euro's trade-in!!!!!

Ford again ripping off the British customer!!!!!

They've got a similar scrappage scheme in Germany & are offerring up to 8000 Euro's trade-in!!!!!

So Henry, why are you only offering the poor old British public a miserly 2000 Pounds???

Don't add up, does it????

The UK market is Ford's best/biggest in Europe, but it offers a quarter of what consumers can get in the country where all there cars are made!!!!

catnip 22 August 2017

Whether this is just a

Whether this is just a marketing gesture by Ford or not, at least its something which doesn't involve taxpayers money. Maybe the government wil be distracted from its possible diesel scrappage scheme if it thinks manufacturers are offering something: As a petrol car driver I've been subsidising diesel owners for years through reduced VEL and company car rates so I don't see why I should throw any more cash in that direction.

405line 22 August 2017