Currently reading: Ford Fiesta Studio and Style trim levels dropped from UK line-up
Base price of the UK’s best-selling model grows from £10,345 to £13,395; Ford Fiesta Zetec is now the entry-level version

The Ford Fiesta Studio and Style trim levels have been dropped from the model’s UK range, raising its starting price from £10,345 to £13,395.

Ford has taken the decision to ditch the Fiesta’s cheapest models to clear space for its upcoming Ka+, which arrives as a cheaper five-door, five-seat hatchback priced from £8995.

Ford said the model’s similarity with the base Fiesta trim levels would have left customers with two near-identical offerings. A spokesperson said: “We never want customers to be faced with a model versus model scenario, so dropping the Studio and Style gives the two cars clear differences.”

Although the decision to drop the Studio and Style trim levels was based on the arrival of the Ka+, Ford’s latest sales figures confirm the models were also the lowest selling in the Fiesta range.

Between the months of January and July of this year, just 562 Fiesta Studios were sold, representing just 1% of the Fiesta’s total numbers. The Style fared only a little better, with 1290 units sold, representing 2% of total sales.

The new entry-level Fiesta model, the Zetec, accounted for 58% of sales in the same period, while Titanium made up 21%. Even the range-topping ST out-sold the base models combined, with the hot hatch accounting or 6.5% of sales.

Dropping the Studio and Style trim levels is therefore not likely to have an impact on the Fiesta’s title as the UK’s best-selling car.

Buyers hoping to grab a last minute bargain may be tempted towards showroom examples of remaining Studio and Style Fiestas. Expect dealers to offer some hefty discounts on the now discontinued versions.

The car previous buyers of those models are now expected to opt for, the Ka+, is already on sale. First deliveries are expected to arrive in November.

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smokescreen38 22 August 2016

Ford Fiesta

This is all a part of the Fiesta going "Premium" the next thing the range will start at a reassuringly expensive £15k+. The Focus will start at £25k & the Mondy will be £35k, before being quietly dropped for poor sales. Scary but probably true.
Cobnapint 22 August 2016

Bring back...!

The Popular Plus.
Orangewheels 22 August 2016

smaller margins

To be fair the Studio in particular was always an artificially low price point car that the dealers had reduced profit margins on compared to the rest of the Fiesta range, so % discounts were smaller on that model, and it also missed out on the £900 finance deposit allowance that most of the rest of the range benefited from, hence the small sales volumes that the article mentioned.

Ford never really seemed to want to sell it, it just wanted to be able to advertise that the Fiesta was available from £xxx, and Yes LP in Brighton, you can pick up a Zetec from a discounted price similar to the list price of the Studio.