Currently reading: Fiat 500 at 60: the best (and worst) special editions
Myriad Fiat 500 special editions have been launched since the current model went on sale in 2007. We've recalled the good, the bad and the ugly

The Fiat 500 plays the car as fashion accessory like no other.

Even the Mini, doubtless the partial inspiration for the 500’s impressive option palette, hasn’t offered quite the scope of these limited-edition 500s, their appeal widened through collaboration with a number of fashion houses and even Ferrari. Several have been produced to a specific limited quantity, others on sale for a demand-driven period.

The latest batch celebrates 60 years since the first Fiat 500 appeared. All make a distinctive car more distinctive still and have helped to keep sales of this now 10-year-old 'new' version of the car flying high.

Flick through our gallery above for all of the special editions of Fiat's 500 since the current model's birth in 2007.

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Fiat 500 at 60: road trip around Scotland's North Coast 500

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rmcondo 7 August 2017

The Diesel edition was rather

The Diesel edition was rather daft, as it, well, wasn't.

sabre 6 August 2017

No stalgia

Anyone who dosen't have nostalgia for the old 500 has no reason to buy a retro new 500. It is designed to look like the old 500 and be cramped. Also, we still want to see FIAT above the bottom of reliability surveys.Forza Italia!!

MrJ 7 August 2017

I took a 500 on a 1000-mile

I took a 500 on a 1000-mile trip recently. Room for my  6'1" bod, plus just enough for my bags and camera gear. The start-stop was a pain on steep Yorkshire hills and streets, so I switched it off. Overall, a pretty good experience, with much more headroom that the ultra-tiny original 500.