Currently reading: Aston Martin's Chinese partner LeEco announces first car factory
Chinese electric supercar maker LeEco - Aston Martin's partner for its RapidE electric vehicle - has announced its first car manufacturing plant

LeEco, the ambitious Chinese electric vehicle start-up company, funded by LeTV founder Jia Yueting, has announced plans for a new $3 billion factory.

The greenfield site, which the China Daily newspaper reports is yet to gain official Governmental planning permission, is to be located in Huzhou - a city with a population of 2.6 million in the southern Chinese province of Zhejiang.

The new factory is planned to build LeEco's recently unveiled LeSee, a Tesla Model S-rivaling saloon revealed in concept car guise at the Beijing motor show last April, at an annual capacity of up to 200,000 cars.

LeEco had held talks with a number of existing Chinese car makers, including Beijing Auto and Guangzhou Auto, over possible joint venture assembly operations for the LeSee.

However, it has now decided to establish its own production facilities in the first stage of a plan that is expected to spawn further electric powered LeEco models in the future. 

Aston Martin first paired up with the little-known Chinese electric supercar maker to produce the RapidE, the electric version of its four-door Rapide model. 

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5wheels 11 August 2016

Oh those Chinese

Every day I read of some sneaky takeover of an excellent even old or reasonably new company in any country. The Chinese are going to own the world within 20 years maybe less. Be afraid - I would be if I was a car manufacturer. Cant remember the deal exactly but a Chinese company bought out a European outfit for about 3 bill euro and when I ran down the list of subsidiaries of said bought company I almost fell off my chair as it included Pirelli !!!!
xxxx 11 August 2016

Germany in 2020

VW, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW be afraid! You better start knocking out more EV's sooner and in higher numbers than you thought you might need to. It looks like Telsa won't be your only competition.