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UK-built Qashqai and Juke accounted for 93% of the brand's UK SUV sales

Nissan has sold more than one million crossovers in the UK since the first-generation Qashqai was launched in December 2006 and said it is the first car brand to achieve the milestone. 

During its seven-year production run, the original Qashqai achieved 246,994 sales, which its successor - shortly to be replaced by the third-gen car - surpassed with 373,014 sales. The two generations of Nissan Juke have so far accounted for around 313,000 sales and the current Nissan X-Trail has achieved 67,062 sales since it was launched in 2014.

To mark the achievement, Nissan has wrapped an example of each car in platinum - a reference to the award given when a musician achieves one million sales of a record. 

Nissan regards the Qashqai and Juke as pioneers of the crossover and compact crossover segments respectively. The outgoing Qashqai, consistently a strong sales performer, was the third best-selling car in the UK in January and the Juke is among the most popular B-segment cars on sale. 

Both cars, accounting for 93% of Nissan's total UK crossover sales, have been built at the firm's Sunderland plant, while the lower-volume X-Trail is built at Kyushu in Japan. The Qashqai alone is the UK's largest volume manufactured car, with more than three million units produced in Sunderland since 2006. 

The new Qashqai, being revealed on 18 February, will begin rolling down the Sunderland production lines later this year and Nissan UK MD Andrew Humberstone anticipates it will replicate the current car's success. He said: "It's a great car and differentiates itself nicely from the old one, yet has that common DNA. We've got over 1,000,000 customers out there that are passionate about the brand and there's huge loyalty there.

"There's a Britishness about it which we're very passionate about: the fact that its design is inspired by our team in London, it's engineered and developed on British roads around Cranfield and it's built in Sunderland."

Nissan's crossover line-up will soon swell with the introduction of the all-new and all-electric Ariya, which will be built in Japan. Arriving in dealerships within the next few months, the Ariya will rival the Volkswagen ID 4 and Tesla Model Y with a range of up to 310 miles and a 389bhp performance variant. 


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