CALLUM Vanquish 25 production specification revealed - lead

Ian Callum's Vanquish 25: production version revealed

R-Reforged will begin customer car construction later this year, "fixing" original Aston Martin design

Lotus Evora

Steve Cropley: the joys of a Lotus Evora - and Fiat Panda 4x4

This week, our man gets a turn in the newer, refined Lotus Evora GT410, and has renewed excitement for the reborn TVR Griffith

Cosworth GMA V12
Cosworth will run the production 3.9-litre V12 engine this week

Murray T50 hypercar reaches V12 production milestone

3.9-litre powertrain for spiritual McLaren F1 successor begins testing in production-ready form for the first time

MX-5 meets MX-5

Steve Cropley: Should you trade up to the latest MX-5?

Our columnist drives his much-loved 2015 model alongside the latest iteration of the sports car and finds out

Public chargers
Some difficulties still arise when you use public EV chargers

Ultimate EV guide: The big questions answered

How green exactly is an EV? Are there enough public chargers? We answer the questions that keep would-be EV buyers up at night

Kia Xceed plug-in hybrid 2020 UK first drive review - hero front
First Drive

Kia Xceed 1.6 GDi PHEV 2020 UK review

A decent car hamstrung by a sluggish plug-in hybrid powertrain, which makes its price problematic too

Kia e-Niro and Soul EV
Kia’s Soul EV (left) and e-Niro use the same EV tech but feel different

Steve Cropley: Which of Kia's affordable EVs really has soul?

Back-to-back drives in Kia's electric crossover duo allows our man to elect a favourite

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Autocar Awards 2020 lifetime achievement award Peter Horbury

Peter Horbury wins Lifetime Achievement award at 2020 Autocar Awards

The UK-born Geely Group design chief sets out his life and stellar international career in 12 cars


Autocar Awards 2020: Land Rover's Gerry McGovern wins Sturmey Award

Our innovator award goes to the passionate and long-serving design director of Land Rover

Autocar Awards 2020 Issigonis trophy winner Hakan Samuelsson

Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson awarded top honour at 2020 Autocar Awards

By any measure, what he’s achieved in eight year as Volvo’s boss is remarkable. Here’s how he did it

Morgan factory - final steel chassis car
New chassis is part of several changes brought in by Morgan's recent buyers, Investindustrial

Morgan ends steel chassis production after 84 years

British maker will build cars on a light CX-generation chassis, after using time-honoured ladder ones since 1936



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