Four years ago I was sitting in a bar in San Franscisco with Patrick Pelata, then Nissan's product czar. He told me that from that point onwards every Nissan would be a global car.

Murano Which is why we've now got the GT-R, Infinitis will be here soon and the funky Cube is on the way.

That’s also why I'm mystified by the new Nissan Murano. This is the most 'American' car I've driven for ages and that includes a smattering of Dodges and Chryslers.

It's not just that the Murano is only available with petrol power either – there’s a diesel on the way. More that it looks, feels and drives like a car specifically targeted as US buyers and US roads.

As a result there are better choices, despite the Murano's impressive kit-for-your-cash argument. More to the point it makes me wonder why the company is even bothering to sell it here when a well-specced Qashqai does the job so much better.