So the wait is over. Today we know for sure the name and key details of the new Pagani. One thing is for sure, Huayra certainly doesn’t trip off the tongue quite so easily as Zonda.

But beyond the technical aspects - and with the Huayra there are many - with any new supercar, often the most pressing questions are: does it look good enough and what will it sound like?

The first is of course entirely subjective – but what I can say, having seen the Huayra in the carbonfibre (and carbon-titanium), is that it the looks better in reality (and on the move) than it does in pictures. Clearly it’s not a car for those shy of attention, but I like overall shape, if not some of the details, which are a bit too intricate/fussy for my taste.

As to the noise – honestly after the Zonda, initially it’s a bit of a disappointment. But then turbocharged engines hardly ever sound as good as those that are naturally aspirated. Pagani admitted that the standard exhaust has to be relatively muted at idle to meet US regulations - but also that a sports exhaust will be available.

But after a day listening to the Huayra, even if it can’t match the flamboyance of the Zonda, there is something very imposing (and addictive) about the jet-like roar you get when an awful lot air is moving extremely quickly.

But enough of what I think – what’s your opinion? Do you like the way the Huayra looks? Is it different enough from the Zonda? And should Pagani be making a car that’s larger, and more GT focussed than the Zonda? – because that’s what it claims to have done.